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We’ll introduce you to custom tailored multi-currency products and services, to provide you with the same tax advantages as large hedge funds and institutional money managers. You can trade stocks, options, commodities or futures without the burden of fretting over the complex tax implications. We make sure your offshore investment wishes are executed in a timely manner and precisely in accord with your instructions.

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This best-of-breed Offshore Investment Platform provides portfolio management software designed to give an investor the maximum choice of global financial instruments and the maximum flexibility. Easy to set up, has competitive costs and simple to run. This offshore investment platform allows an individual to invest for many purposes, in one plan, and provides online access to your portfolio with full confidentiality.

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The objective of Invest Offshore is to help individuals learn how to set-up offshore investment accounts. We offer you an independent insight into the finest offshore investment products available, helping you to find the solutions that exactly fit your requirements. Our strong team, located in offices worldwide, will assist clients in establishing offshore investment and banking strategies, around the globe.

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Brazil Luxury Real Estate

Angra dos Reis - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Waters edge at Enseada in Angra dos Reis

Beautiful Waterfront Property In Angra dos Reis. Asking: $1.3M (Accepting Offers)
Buzios Luxury Mansion

Luxury Mansion in Buzios

Luxury Mansion in Buzios with an infinity pool and incredible view - $1,639,000
Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Seafront Mansion with Boat Dock

Paraty, Seafront Mansion with Boat Dock - $1.5M USD
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Attacking tax havens around the globe will only increase the cash flow into the USA (Big Daddy) by non-citizens; no different than the UN Arms Treaty, controlling and regulating arms sales around the world, reducing the number of players in the market, again increasing Big Daddy’s share of the #1 spot………….

That is very well put. However, I feel no time in history has there been more country s printing money and going broke that you will see a one world government.That one world government will not care about this law or this piece of paper. It will come in and take whatever it wants. All the governments around the world are killing capital as we speak. that is why people are trying to run to places that have been safe for hundreds of years.I hope I am wrong about that.

No, sir. It is a society corrupt from the highest fazenda owner to the lowliest favela denizen. When you first see Brazil, injustice and corruptions screams out you from all directions. Education alone is not enough. Something within the mindset of the Brazilian must change.