Can the Fixed System be used in short selling?

07 Feb
clock movement gears gear transmission wheels short selling

Yes, absolutely the Fixed System be used in short selling. It does not matter which direction the market is moving as long as it’s moving vigorously. The Fixed System incorporates all the successful concepts and procedures Jesse Livermore used in the 1929 crash to make a hundred million USD shorting shares on the NY Stock Exchange. […]

Does The Fixed System use Austrian Economics?

06 Feb
Austrian economics

I prefer the approach Rothbard takes in Man, Economy, and State (written 1975), his one-thousand-page magnum opus and attempt to include all the laws of economics. He built on the work done by his mentor, Ludwig von Mises, in Human Action. Mises was from Vienna, Austria. The name Austrian Economics derived from a simple fact […]

Can Governments Fix a Market Price?

03 Feb
Fix a market big brother is watching

The Silver Market was recently found to be rigged. Can Governments Fix a Market Price? No, they cannot. Consider the fact that all currency pegs have ultimately failed. Governments can subsidize one side or the other, but this doesn’t change the market price because all value is subjective. A good example is the Swiss Central […]

Fed Interest Rate Quandry

30 Jan
rate balance quandry

“Americans have had seven weeks to adjust to December’s rate increase and many will be relieved by today’s outcome. Today’s decision to hold rates at 0.5% came as no surprise. December’s rate rise – the first in nine years – was considered a ‘close call’ by some members of the Federal Open Market Committee, and […]