America’s Retirement Crisis

25 May
America’s Retirement Crisis

America’s Retirement Crisis Highlights The Need For Better Financial Advice Ideally, people investing for retirement always should have been able to feel confident that their financial advisors were giving them unbiased advice and recommending what was best for them. That wasn’t necessarily the case, though, which prompted the Department of Labor to issue new fiduciary rules […]

3 Avoidable Errors That Could Upend Your Retirement Plans

24 May
Retirement Plans

As older Americans approach retirement, many may be realizing their financial planning isn’t what it should have been. That could mean they need to postpone retirement – or abandon the idea altogether. “Most people don’t spend much time even thinking about retirement,” says Stephen Ng, author of “10 Financial Mistakes You Should Avoid: Strategies Designed […]

Offshore Investors Bullish on Canada

19 May
offshore investors bullish on Canada

Foreign investment in Canadian securities strengthened for a third straight month in March, according to figures released Wednesday morning by Statistics Canada. The agency put the figure at $17.2 billion, and added that foreign acquisitions were mainly composed of securities issued by Canadian private corporations. Meanwhile, StatsCan says, Canadian investment in foreign securities amounted to […]

Tax Havens – Tax Optimization Schemes

18 May
Tax Optimization

Tax havens are countries that allow businesses and individuals to avoid paying taxes in the nations they mainly operate out of by offering bank accounts with little or no tax liability. Tax havens also provide little or no financial information to nations where entities are based. And it’s mostly legal even though these individuals or […]

Millennials Changing Face of America

15 May

Millennials Changing Face of America, Heavily Impacting Homeownership, Say Experts WASHINGTON, May 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Millennials are bucking trends, changing the landscape of America, and sharply different from previous generations in many different ways. One of the most visible and consequential ways is through millennial homeownership numbers, according to experts on generational trends and […]

Canadian Retirement Income… In The US:

14 May
Gulf Islands - Canadian Retirement Income

Living in the US and receiving Canadian retirement income? Tips on reporting this income to the IRS and related issues Many former Canadian residents prefer spending their retirement years in the US, especially in the Southern states with better climate and more affordable property values. But this triggers many complexities, especially in reporting Canadian retirement […]

How to Trade CFD Online

13 May
Trade CFD

Trading foreign exchange currency pairs is an interesting way of making money online. If you want to make money on the trading market, then you have a few choices. You can use traditional online CFD brokers who will handle your bankroll for you, or you can learn how to trade CFD online for yourself, open […]

CFOs and Analysts Call for a Revolution in the Reporting of Intangible Assets

10 May
Intangible Assets

Intangible assets such as brands, people, know-how, relationships and other intellectual property make up a greater proportion of the total value of most businesses than tangible assets such as plant, machinery and property. However, as important as these intangible assets are, many directors, analysts, investors and other stakeholders do not have an adequate understanding of […]