Are Baby Boomers Forgetting Something Essential When Planning Retirement?

28 Aug
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Many Don’t Realize It Until They Stop Working Most people have some kind of lifestyle vision for retirement. Unfortunately, without proper planning their dreams won’t always become a reality as they enter the encore time of their lives, says Michael Bivona, a certified public accountant who retired almost 20 years ago. “I had a simple […]

Compounding and Pyramiding Compared to Capital Protection

27 Aug
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This presentation is not a recommendation or solicitation. We will compare different approaches to how $100k could be employed with a common assumption that the price of gold will increase from $1,000 to $1,611, The first approach is to buy and hold gold bullion. The results would be, in USD terms, a profit of $61,100 […]

Dash for the Stash Investor Education and Protection Program

20 Aug
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2,000 PARTICIPATED IN “DASH FOR THE STASH” INVESTOR EDUCATION AND PROTECTION PROGRAM IN LIBRARIES IN FIVE STATES AND D.C. $1,000 Contributions Provided to Six Participants in “Scavenger Hunt”-Like Contest Organized by Investor Protection Institute and State Securities Agencies. WASHINGTON, D.C. – August 20, 2015 – A total of 230 public libraries and other locations in […]

How To Reduce Your Tax Burden In Retirement

17 Aug
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Enjoying Those Senior Years Is Important, But Preparation Is Key Retirement should represent an opportunity to enjoy life after decades of hard work and saving. But it doesn’t always turn out that way, even with people who saved wisely, says Gary Marriage Jr., CEO of Nature Coast Financial Advisors ( Maybe it’s because of worries […]

Zurich Responds to Increased Regulation by Expanding Coverage for Advisers and Hedge Managers

12 Aug
Lake Zurich and the "Golden Mile" of Zurich

New York, August 12, 2015 – Zurich North America has revised its liability policy for investment advisers, mutual fund and hedge fund managers following a rise in regulatory risk prompted by new investigative approaches used by the SEC. In 2014, the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) filed a record 755 enforcement actions , obtained orders […]

Conflicted Advice from Brokers According to Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association

11 Aug
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ATTORNEY REPRESENTING 500+ INVESTORS IN CONFLICTED ADVICE CASES: HOLD BROKERAGE FIRMS RESPONSIBLE FOR FIDUCIARY DUTY THEY ALREADY TELL INVESTORS THEY HAVE Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association President Cites Examples of Near Retirees Victimized by Industry Practices that Department of Labor Rule Would Bar WASHINGTON, D.C. – August 11, 2015 – The U.S. Department of Labor […]

The Solo and Global Tax Deferred 401(k) Retirement Plan

08 Aug
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For U.S. persons ONLY these two types of Foreign Financial Accounts provide Tax Effected Yield on Income and Accumulations which are formally recognized by FATCA and by IRS tax code to purchase investments globally from a tax free environment exempt from Foreign Financial Institution reporting and exempt from passive foreign income reporting. If you are […]

How Strong Are Older Families’ Financial Report Cards?

07 Aug
Heavens Above Her Families

Last week I discussed on my blog research showing the correlation between wealth and education. The Federal Reserve followed up with additional research about wealth and demographics, the subject of this post. More specifically, wealth and age. Not surprisingly, the older a household is the more wealth has been generated since people have had more time […]