How widespread is tax evasion?

11 Apr
New study about tax evasion.

New study puts a cost on “round-tripping,” a method investors use to avoid the tax collector. by Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office Tax evasion is widely assumed to be an eternal problem for governments — but how widespread is it? For the first time, a new study, co-authored by an MIT professor, has put […]

History of Forex Trading

31 Mar
British ten pound note for Forex trading.

The foreign exchange market, commonly known as “forex,” is the global market for the trading of currencies. It is the largest and most liquid market in the world, trading at a huge volume of $5.3 trillion a day, which is around $220 billion every hour. While the current, modern Forex market is vast and incredibly […]

Gold Backed Coin Cryptocurrency

28 Mar
Gold Backed Coins is a Cryptocurrency

Gold Backed Coin (GBC) is the world’s first virtual currency fully backed by gold – and it could change the way we think about virtual money. A relatively short period of time ago, the term cryptocurrency did not mean anything to most people. But this has changed since a virtual something named Bitcoin has entered […]

Hong Kong TIEA is Good for U.S. Expats

27 Mar
Hong Kong signs TIEA with USA helps American Expats

This week it was announced that Hong Kong has agreed to hand over financial details of Americans working in the city, to US tax authorities under Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, US can ask for data if certain conditions are met. The Financial Services and Treasury Bureau said the tax-information exchange agreement allowed the US […]

Investors Offshore Bait and Switch

20 Mar
Cook Islands for Investors Offshore article

The two biggest problems to most offshore structures is Reporting & Liquidity. Their reporting is complicated and expensive and their liquidity is none! Some complicated structures require high intensity tax filings, often times these structures were created by the person you pay to do your tax filing. Imagine buying an offshore structure, from the person […]

Luxembourg an On-shore IFC for Offshore Investment

03 Mar
Luxembourg Grand Ducal Palace, Coat of arms Lion

Luxembourg is not a tax haven. It is not a country where you can hide assets in case of criminal investigations or amidst money laundering operations. Luxembourg has implemented all of the international standards in terms of the exchange of information for tax purposes. It has also implemented the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development […]