Can We Make Retirement Planning Easier?

31 Jul
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Survey Finds Workers Seek More Help Changing Oil Than Planning Retirement For most employees, addressing retirement issues is a costly, abstract and deeply psychological matter, which is apparent from a survey by Schwab Retirement Plan Services. While most survey participants find their 401(k) – a workplace savings plan that lets employees invest a portion of […]

How Hidden Investment Fees Can Upend Your Retirement Goals

30 Jul
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Financial Planner Says Investors Need To Understand The Ramifications Saving enough money for retirement can be a tricky proposition even under the best circumstances. But when some of those dollars are being siphoned away by hidden – and perhaps unnecessary – fees, then the path to a secure retirement becomes even more difficult to navigate. […]

How To Survive The Largest Generational Wealth Transfer In Human History

29 Jul
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A Family-Wealth Guru Offers 4 Insights For Choosing (Or Agreeing To Be) A Trustee The greatest transfer of wealth in history is happening right now, according to a study from the Boston College Center on Wealth and Philanthropy. A staggering amount – $59 trillion – is projected to be passed down to heirs, charities and taxes […]

Investors are more Optimistic – Weekly Market Overview

24 Jul
Rope - Investors

US stocks closed higher on Monday as market sentiment was bolstered by an agreement for a third bailout program between Greece and its creditors. S&P 500 closed 1.1% higher with all 10 main sectors finishing with gains. The dollar strengthened, with US Dollar Index rising 0.8% to 96.7520. European stocks rose sharply as Stoxx 600 gained 2%, […]

A Look at the World’s Gold Reserves

21 Jul
Gilded statues of mythological beings of the Himpahan-Forest at the Wat Phra Kaew in Bangkok (Thailand). In the foreground an Apsornsi, half woman, half lion. In the background a Kinnorn, half man, half bird. - Gold Reserves

Currencies are backed up by gold as a form of security and used as a guarantee of payment. Although the gold standard was abandoned long ago, governments still have confidence in the precious metal and its worth has actually increased in the 21st century. History of Gold Reserves Although having no major chemical use, man […]

How To Be Your Own Economic Quarterback

17 Jul
Brett Favre and Green Bay Packers offense lines up in a Monday Night Football game vs Seattle Seahawks Nov. 27, 2006 at Qwest Field - Economic MVP

You Need To Be The Economic MVP Every Year After a lifetime of earning and saving, one might expect a comfortable and financially secure retirement, especially with a reliable financial advisor – right? “Life is rarely that simple or black-and-white and, unfortunately, neither is the financial realm,” says Bryan S. Slovon, founder and CEO of […]

Do You Know How Much Your Other Half Makes?

16 Jul
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Study: Four out of 10 Couples in the U.S. Could Not Correctly Identify How Much Their Spouse Earns Experts often tell us “never keep secrets in a relationship” and “the key to any successful relationship is open communication.” So why is it, according to Fidelity Investments fifth Couples Retirement Study, four out of ten (43%) […]

S&P 500 Foreign Sales Report

15 Jul
Skyscrapers on Bunker Hill, in Down-town Los Angeles - S&P 500

NEW YORK, July 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — S&P Dow Jones Indices (“S&P DJI”), one of the world’s leading index providers, announced today that, for S&P 500® companies with full reporting information for 2014, the percentage of sales from foreign countries increased after five years of stagnation. According to S&P DJI’s annual S&P 500 Foreign Sales Report, […]

Who Controls Your Retirement Funds: You Or The Government?

14 Jul
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Qualified Money For Retirement Has Strings Attached People make a mistake when they feel as though they’ve lost control of their qualified retirement plans – they never had control in the first place, says retirement advisor Mark Cardoza. “Qualified retirement funds – whether we’re talking about an IRA, 401(k), Contributory or Defined Benefit Pension Plan, […]