Offshore Self Directed IRA

30 Jan
Self directed IRA Captain Frank P Armstrong at wheel of steamboat Duchess, 1887, near Golden BC

Set-up a Foreign Account for Your U.S. IRA without Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) or (UBTI) distribution tax problems If you search around on the web, you will find that there are many companies offering Self-Directed IRAs. You will find little actionable information on government regulated, registered and recognized foreign pension funds, investment accounts or […]

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act Registration

29 Jan
Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act

Our specific pension plan does not require a FATCA GIIN because of its “limited conditional” FATCA status. In fact, for an authorized pension fund to apply for a GIIN would be a criminal violation of the laws on Restricted Information (Secrecy Law) Limited Conditional IRS Form 8957 Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act Registration The correct […]

402b Benefits for Asset Protection

27 Jan
Armada Rouen 2008 - Benefits of a 402b Asset Protection Structure

Benefits of a Regulated Asset Protection Structure (RAPS) Recapture pre-tax contributions and tax deferred accumulations Recapture foreign financial account privacy and secrecy When there is a legal basis there are no limits to contribution amounts Liquidity at all times. Overcome regulatory barriers to provide your champions capital shares Reduce employee social service costs by 1/3rd […]

How to Comply with FATCA

25 Jan
Round Island Lighthouse for FATCA compliance

Any financial institution, regardless of its global location, that does not voluntarily comply with FATCA will find that 30% of any US-sourced payments (e.g. a corporate dividend or a maturing principal payment from a US corporate or government bond) will be withheld. Because U.S. stocks and bonds are so widely owned across the globe, virtually […]

UK Gold Investment on Increase, Caution Urged to Potential Private Investors

06 Oct
Gold Investment - Crystalline Gold, Natural History Museum, London

The Egyptians wanted to be buried in gold while others believed that King Midas could turn anything he touched into gold. These days, however, gold simply has connotations of wealth due to the precious metal’s rareness, and this is nowhere more apparent than in the UK.         As a result, many potential […]

Held Captive! The Closely Held Insurance Company

11 Jul
Sessions House, Hamilton Bermuda

Captive Insurance – An Integrated Tax and Risk Management Solution Captive or closely held insurance companies have been around a long time, at least fifty or more years. For most of their existence, captive insurance companies lived in relative anonymity and were mostly in the domain of public companies. Businesses or industries with significant warranty […]