The Five Dimensions of Man

08 Dec
The Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci - for The Five Dimensions of Man article

Q: I read with great interest your interview and presentation of “The Five Dimensions of Man” It is a very interesting commentary. BUT do not see the relationship with predicting the price of gold. Could you comment? A: Trading the gold market happens within a broader universe and action within that universe. It can be […]

Why These Alternative Investments are Risky

04 Dec
alternative investments

Here’s a look at three of the more risky alternative investments: Virtual Currencies — Virtual currencies like Bitcoin can look promising, and they’re novel enough that young investors may consider them attractive. However, it’s not likely that these currencies will ever replace national currencies entirely. They’re also not issued by any bank, nor do they have […]

Charitable Remainder Trust Problems

02 Dec
Charitable Remainder Trust

Charitable Remainder Trust Overview: 1) Trust status cannot extend to beneficiaries and participants The point for all to grasp is that whatever the legal, juridical and tax status of funding structures, that status cannot extend to beneficiaries and participants as individuals. That is why a trust is quite useless to beneficiaries and participants. Besides it […]

Spreading investment risks

29 Nov
Investment risks

Q: Do you recommend spreading investment risks? A: Both diversification and specialisation have a proper place and function for any who depends on an asset”s income stream or capital value. This doesn’t just apply to investors and speculators. What’s comfortable for one person may be inappropriate for another, but certain generalisations are worth considering. Let’s […]

Is AI a threat to human existence?

28 Nov
AI Robot

Q: Does AI pose a threat to human existence? A: Yes and no. Yes because any technology can be used to harm. No, because there is no such thing as computer hardware that thinks. All of the intelligence is in the software that is an instruction from a human mind. There are two advantages to […]

TRN Report Discusses Exit Strategies Adopted by Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms

24 Nov
Real Estate Crowdfunding

Real estate crowdfunding (RECF) landscape has transformed rapidly over the past four years. It is much easier to become a real estate investor or developer today, than it was a few years ago. Also, the industry is now open to everyone wherever they are. The developments are making the industry more accessible, transparent, attractive and […]