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06 Jul

Managed FX Fund - Offshore ForexThe most liquid financial market in the world is the foreign exchange market. The daily turnover of this market is an amount which is over $3.2 trillion in volume. This includes all kinds of transactions such as spot, forward and option. The foreign market provides an excellent opportunity for investing in FX managed funds, however the majority of retail investors lack the time and the expertise to successfully trade their own account.

In order to access the forex market, many retail investors are increasingly turning to professional traders for managed FX accounts. These financial services have been rising steeply in popularity. If you invest in a managed forex account, you will be provided the ability to gain profit from the lucrative but volatile currency market. Your account will be managed by professional money managers and you will have unlimited access to your investment without any barriers at any time.

However, you should keep in mind that retail investors generally face an uphill struggle when it comes to finding managed forex accounts which are genuinely profitable. You will need to be diligent about how the manager is working, verify the performance results, analyze the trading style which the manger uses or to monitor the real time risk. The managers of your account will buy and sell rolling spots on currency pairs of all the global currencies. You need to choose a with a decade or more of experience and a proven track record as risk managers.

Allow us to introduce you to an offshore brokerage with an outstanding track record for over a decade. As a customer you would be offered immediate access to your capital and guaranteed safety on your investment with the capability to control your tolerance to risk, plus the level of drawdown which best suits your profile. The investment criteria for these managed FX accounts is very strict, with a priority on risk management. This minimizes your potential losses, still allows drawdowns while maximizing your potential returns.

When you join this program, if you prefer to trade your own account you can leverage sophisticated technology on multiple platforms for trading your account in real-time. Start trading today and you’ll receive a VIP account with your own personal Broker, plus access to multiple products in one account and cutting edge Currenex MT4 API Bridge with straight through processing (no dealing desk), as well as your choice of platforms.

Or leave it to the Pros, as there are a number of unique managed offshore forex fund programs from which to choose from, depending on your preference and risk tolerance. Plus, you select a trader from a network of foreign exchange traders who have years of experience, exceptional credentials and unique expertise. After you have opened and funded your account you will simply have to choose a manager by adding him to your portfolio.

There are a number of advantages that you would receive from a Managed FX account program. These are:

  1. No theoretical performance – These programs will give you real traders, real live accounts and real results.
  2. Experienced and skilled managers – You will get people to manage your account who are the best in the field and would provide you with positive results.
  3. Disciplined behavior – Your manager would be diligent about your account and rigorous in his working style.
  4. Risk management – The features of real-time products will enable you to leverage and draw down adjustments by the Forex fund managers.
  5. Expert trade replication – No trade signals to try and follow. Once you have chosen your trade manager, the trades that they perform will be replicated in your account automatically.

With the FX Managed Funds we recommend you will be able to reap the benefits from a Managed FX account without the stress of day trading. Contact us today for more information about Managed FX Funds

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