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Invest Offshore in Brazil

26 Mar
Invest Offshore Brazil

I’m often asked about the process of opening a business or buying property in Brazil, after-all I’ve been living here a dozen years. I think the banking systems work well and for the most part it’s simple. My best advice for anyone planning on doing business here in Brazil, is to have a good attorney […]

Bye Bye Brazil! – Tax Planning Considerations for Brazilian Investment in the United States: Part 3 – Inbound Investment Real Estate in the U.S Commercial Real Estate

08 Mar
Lancha Gávea I - Brazil

As an undergraduate at West Point, I was a Spanish and Portuguese major. My Brazilian “thing” had already started a decade earlier as a ten year old growing up in the Panama Canal Zone seeing Pele play for his Brazilian team Santos along with hearing Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66. To this day I submit […]

Bye Bye Brazil! – Tax Planning Considerations for Brazilian Investment in the United States: Part II – Additional Income Tax Considerations

07 Mar
Brasão de Armas da Marinha do Brasil - Income Tax

I have mentioned in prior articles my affiliation with the South Florida law firm Osborne and Osborne, PA in Boca Raton. Back to the beginning! Boca Raton is where I started right out of the Army in 1987. I moved to Miami for law school. Even though I have been living in New England and […]

Bye Bye Brazil!- Tax Planning Considerations for Brazilian Investment in the United States: Part I – Income Tax Considerations

06 Mar
Cisne Branco of Brazil - Tax Planning

I have mentioned in prior articles that I was a Spanish and Portuguese major as an undergraduate. During the time that I was attending law school at the University of Miami, the early 1990’s, the Brazilians had yet to arrive in South Florida in a significant manner. The Brazilian community in Broward County (Pompano Beach) […]

Confessions of an Expat Canuck

21 Feb
RMS Titanic, Ocean Liner, (1912) - Expat Canuck

Never before in modern history has there been a time when people everywhere have become so disillusioned by the Global Governments and their leadership. Call it an awakening, or blame it on the information-age with all it’s alternative media but the fact remains the same; Governments have gone way out of control and their leaders, […]

Invest Offshore in a Gold Mine

04 Feb
Apatite Dolomite Pyrrhotite

Recently an overview for a Gold Project in Brazil reached my inbox, so naturally I have been sharing the opportunity with qualified people in my Network. However, since I’m always in need of valuable content for Invest Offshore and because (as mentioned in my videos) I’ve decided to start publishing more commodity and investment products […]

Agriculture as an Offshore Investment

14 Apr
Brazil rainforest for sale

When looking for bullet-proof offshore investment opportunities, there are few choices you can make. Just as in any onshore asset investment, offshore investments are also susceptible to market changes and volatility. Gold is an ever-increasingly popular choice as a near bullet-proof, recession-resistant investment choice, both for onshore investors and offshore alike. But if you’re specifically […]

Brazil Offshore Investment Funds Summit

20 Aug
Brazil Offshore Investment Funds Summit

Join us in Sao Paulo next month for the 2nd Annual Offshore Investment Funds Summit hosted by DMS Offshore Investment Services. TOPICS Capital Raising Offshore 20 September, 2012 LOCATION Intercontinental São Paulo Alameda Santos 1123 São Paulo SP – 01419-001 Brazil For more information, please contact Francine Balbina: fbalbina@dmsoffshore.com Related articles Brazil Swap Rates Drop […]

Build Yourself a Brazil Beach House

22 Jan
Brazil Beach House

Do you want to economize AND own a new custom made beach villa with marvelous ocean views in Brazil? Here is a comprehensive new-build package for overseas investors. These are just some of the advantages of building a brand new home in Brazil Can be cheaper than buying a re-sale home Built to your specifications, […]

Offshore Asset Protection for Brazilians

07 May
Brazil Offshore Bank

Brazilian Personal Taxation in Brief Under the Brazilian personal tax system, residents are taxed on their worldwide income, which includes interests and dividends from foreign sources. An individual is considered Brazilian resident for tax purposes if he remains in the country for 183 days, consecutive or not, during the course of a calendar year. Those […]