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Elite Lawyers now Selling Caribbean Tax Haven as Havens from Terror, Too

23 Dec
St. Kitts - Caribbean

Caribbean nations have long served as tax havens for the world’s economic elite, with many offering so-called economic citizenship where, for large payments, one can simply buy citizenship in their countries. That can save the 1 percent a pretty penny. Overseas tax evasion costs the U.S. government as much as $100 billion each year. But […]

Antigua Sustainable Aquaculture as a Citizenship by Investment Project

12 Sep
Antigua Sail Boat

The management of Antigua Sustainable Aquaculture Limited is pleased to provide this project for sustainable fish growing. With the appropriate government approvals in place, this Antiguan company has been founded and endorsed as a Citizenship by Investment (CIP) Project. This environmentally friendly approach to aquaculture can offer significant economic growth in a new industry that […]

What is the need for having a second citizenship?

04 Jun
citizenship investment

There are many Americans who seek second citizenship and second passport and these people come from either middle class or very wealthy background. Each individual has different long term plans. However, all of them, irrespective of their economic condition aim towards minimizing their tax bills and restore their right to privacy and freedom. Amongst all […]

Citizenship and Passport

02 Dec
Orange, Office, Fruit, Juicy, Food, Ripe and a Passport to good health

Citizenship can be loosely defined as the legal relationship between a person and the sovereign nation in which he or she lives, a status defined by the law of that nation, conferring or limiting a person’s duties and rights. The most common means of acquiring citizenship is by birth within the borders of a nation. […]