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End of the bear market in gold?

03 Mar
1929 U.S. Quarter Eagle - End of the bear market in gold

Q: Do you use fractal geometry? Could you update us on the wave pattern recognition you’re looking for to verify the end of the bear market in gold? Do you look at volume, momentum indicators, gaps, moving averages, etc.? A: I look at all of that, but none of it is controlling. Wave pattern recognition […]

Why Gold Bullion and Gold Shares Diverge

13 Jan
Gold bullion ingots

Q: Why do price and wave pattern often diverge between gold bullion and gold shares? A: Different market participants trade in the gold bullion verses the shares. They respond differently to market conditions based on different needs, perceptions, and subjective judgements. In gold mining shares, there is no central bank intervention. In the bullion market, […]

Gold: Primed for Recovery

13 Nov
gold coins

NEW YORK (November 13, 2015) – Jeffrey Nichols, Senior Economic Advisor to Rosland Capital, had the following comments today: Despite increasingly strong supply/demand fundamentals, gold prices have continued to tread water – more or less within a narrow $100 range – having hit overhead resistance a few weeks ago near $1175 and now testing support […]

Market Timing the Low in Gold

24 Sep
Holy Roman Empire crown - Market timing

From a purely mental perspective it’s a snap. We know when the low will occur and the gold market will turn from a bear to a bull. It will happen when most market participants expect a higher future price than the then spot price plus the cost to carry. Ludwig von Mises, in Human Action, […]

How Much Gold Was Under WTC Complex?

11 Sep
gold bullion ingots

American Free Press by Keith Johnson, Aug. 27, 2011 In 2011, a coin dealership ran a television ad for a 10th-anniversary 9-11 commemorative coin that was allegedly “clad in .999 pure silver actually recovered from vaults beneath the ashes of Ground Zero.” That commercial provoked retired New York Police Department Captain Tom DePrisco to tell […]

Predicting the Price of Gold

01 Sep
An insect coated in gold for viewing with a scanning electron microscope

More about finding the bottom in the Gold Market Q: James Sinclair is predicting that gold will rise to $50,000 per ounce. Do you agree? Market Commentary by Arthur Fixed A: James Sinclair, also sometimes called Mr. Gold, is a registered investment advisor in Marin County, California, USA. I am not an investment advisor. I […]

Compounding and Pyramiding Compared to Capital Protection

27 Aug
Synthetic made gold crystals by the chemical transport reaction in chlorine gas. Purity >99.99% - Pyramiding

This presentation is not a recommendation or solicitation. We will compare different approaches to how $100k could be employed with a common assumption that the price of gold will increase from $1,000 to $1,611, The first approach is to buy and hold gold bullion. The results would be, in USD terms, a profit of $61,100 […]