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The Good and the Bad of Offshore Investing

07 Nov

Offshore investing is often demonized in the media. The vast majority of offshore investment is, in fact, perfectly legal. Depending on your situation, offshore investing can offer many advantages. Offshore investment refers to a wide range of investment strategies that take advantage of the benefits that are offered outside your country of origin. There is […]

Invest Offshore Newsletter

28 Sep
Invest Offshore

Newsletter Issue #70 Invest Offshore     August 31, 2013 Offshore Investment Guide Hi there {!firstname}, As the editor of Invest Offshore, I’ve had the privledge of working with a brilliant team of offshore advisors. Our mission is to help you improve your lifestyle, by sharing information and networking with unique experts. The purpose of […]

How to Invest Offshore

09 Aug
How to invest offshore

We provide a One World USA Passport solution to holding and reporting global investments without the expense of a Tax Attorney, Tax Consultant or Tax Filer Because the Whose is it? What is it ? Why is it? Where is it? All Tax Deferred is all managed by Single Entry reporting! Our Services are especially […]

Retirement planning for the shrewd expatriate

19 Jun
Invest Offshore - Retirement Planning

Are you looking for retirement solutions without the hassles and headaches? We can help! At Invest Offshore we’re experts at creating specialist retirement, investment and savings plans based on your unique circumstances. Our flexible solutions cater to long term needs, and unlike other advisers, our solutions are such that you do not have to tie […]

Private Placement Life Insurance – Best Offshore Investment Yet

15 Dec

For decades, individuals have been placing money outside of United States boundaries. As a way of securing their funds or investments, offshore accounts were a tax free means to earning interest on a sizable amount of money. But with recent developments from the White House, offshore banking has become more restricted–lessening the appeal of creating […]

Fresh Approach to Private Offshore Banking

29 Nov
offshore banking

When you imagine private offshore banking it may involve a Swiss bank account or an ultra-secret Cayman private bank account nestled in beachy isolation. But to really achieve that safe haven of wealth that neither law courts nor governments can touch you may need to think outside the box. Today’s reality is that we are […]

Jersey remains top offshore centre and climbs into top ten centres globally for wealth management in latest GFCI

15 Oct

Jersey has climbed two places, retained its position as the highest rated offshore international finance centre and enhanced its global reputation, according to the latest Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) released on Monday 26th September 2011. Overall, Jersey is placed 21st in the competitive rankings, which are published every six months, ahead of Guernsey in […]

Diversify Your Capital to more than One Offshore Jurisdiction

30 Sep
golden eggs in a basket

In these unclear times you should consider a few things before moving your capital to just one offshore location. Institutional Diversification: Many savvy investors have offshore accounts in more than one location. Just as you wouldn’t want to have all of you money in one bank, even if you think it is stable (Lehman Brothers) […]