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Thinking of moving your IRA Offshore like Mitt Romney?

06 Feb
Mitt Romney

Get Greater Investment Options through a “Self-Directed” IRA! Through a self-directed IRA clients can open the doors to greater investment choices. There are few limitations on the types of assets suitable for retirement plans. Investments such as gold, silver, offshore hedge funds, foreign currencies, private stock, and foreign real-estate are available through the use of […]

Rare Industrial Metals and Silver for American Clients with IRAs

12 Jan
Bi crystal in precious metals science

A sound investment idea is to replace under-performing assets in your existing IRA/Roth account to establish a Rare Industrial Metals and Silver (RIMS IRA). This is a wise asset protection choice. Rare Industrial Metals are increasing in value and are estimated to continue growing due to their limited supply and high demand by key industries. […]