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Hong Kong TIEA is Good for U.S. Expats

27 Mar
Hong Kong signs TIEA with USA helps American Expats

This week it was announced that Hong Kong has agreed to hand over financial details of Americans working in the city, to US tax authorities under Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, US can ask for data if certain conditions are met. The Financial Services and Treasury Bureau said the tax-information exchange agreement allowed the US […]

Regulated, Registered, Recognized Foreign Retirement Plan

21 Aug
Internal Revenue and Commerce Building, Washington DC - 402(b) Foreign Retirement Plan

NQDC-vs-402(b) – aka RAPS An alternative to the US Tax Regulations that require NQDC plans (nonqualified deferred compensation plans) to be not formally funded ( The Total Return Swap Hedge requires 25 million annual contributions.) The Alternative to Unfunded, Unhedged, or informally funded NQDC Plans: We have a number of 402(b) Foreign Retirement Plan proposals […]

Top 5 Reasons for you to consider the Regulator Asset Protection Structure

02 Mar

1. We suspect that a typical US provider would be proposing a life or annuity structure product and those are regulated individually by each state in the United States, have no Federal registration and are not always recognized by any foreign government. A typical U.K. provider would propose a UK life policy savings plan, but […]

Tax Mitigation vs. Tax Evasion

23 Oct

Most of the bad word of mouth associated with offshore investment, tax havens and the like involves an interchange of the phrases ‘tax mitigation’ and ‘tax evasion’. As the focus of tax law in the United States and elsewhere turns to tightening a grip on ‘lost’ revenue from offshore investment holders (a seemingly punitive series […]

Beginners Introduction to Offshore Investment

18 Oct

The entertainment and news media paint a dark and shady picture of offshore investing but this is far from a normal occurrence.  Most offshore investments are perfectly legal and may offer advantages over national investment.  The simplicity of the term tells you that offshore investing takes place away from your country of residence.  The purpose […]