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Offshore Investment Strategy for Speculators

25 Feb
Europa (tall ship, 1911) - Offshore Investment

Arthur Fixed has a history of making extraordinary profits in financial markets. His three most successful speculations were: Shorting the USA stock market during the 1987 crash Being long on real estate from 1994 to 2007 Shorting the Internet bubble in 2001 A new opportunity may now dramatically outdo these successes. Like all opportunities, it […]

The legal basis for a 402(b) Overseas Retirement Plan

16 Feb
USS Roper anchor on display at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Overseas Retirement Plan

A Nonqualified overseas retirement plan has characteristics that are opposite of what we have all been used to. This specific 402(b), the Regulated Asset Protection Structure (RAPS), allows for pre-tax contributions. There are no maximum contribution limits as this is a nonqualified deferred compensation tax law issue. The fact that this is precisely the opposite […]

Secrecy & Privacy for Offshore Investment

03 Feb
Offshore Investment at HK Victoria Harbour view China Minsheng Banking Corp ICC

Whether you are from China or the USA there are TWO important questions in regards to how one deals with money and offshore investment: on the individual tax compliant level and at the institutional reporting level Whether it is the client himself or the foreign financial institution (FFI) they really have no idea about what […]

Luxembourg an On-shore IFC for Offshore Investment

03 Mar
Luxembourg Grand Ducal Palace, Coat of arms Lion

Luxembourg is not a tax haven. It is not a country where you can hide assets in case of criminal investigations or amidst money laundering operations. Luxembourg has implemented all of the international standards in terms of the exchange of information for tax purposes. It has also implemented the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development […]

Offshore Company Formation Primer

11 Jun
Offshore Company Formation

‘One size fits all’ does not apply to offshore company formation. The choice will often depend on what your aims are, be it tax reduction, asset protection or wealth management on a larger scale. Here we take a look at the different offshore companies on offer and why they are used. Offshore Corporations, which are […]

Hedge Fund for Offshore Investment

29 Apr
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission regulates hedge funds

Simply put, a hedge fund groups partners together to create enough money for the fund to make high-risk investments.  The large financial base of a hedge fund creates the flexibility of participation in a larger assortment of investments and financial undertakings than other funds.  However, hedge fund participation is typically regulated strictly and limited to […]

Is an Offshore Pension Right for You?

18 Apr
Why an offshore pension - Rum Point, BWI

If you’re saving towards retirement and you have the means at your disposal to protect your savings in as many ways as possible, you might consider looking offshore to help you manage your pension. Governments, at least those in high-tax countries, often have a variety of ways to encourage people to save for retirement: tax-free […]

Agriculture as an Offshore Investment

14 Apr
Brazil rainforest for sale

When looking for bullet-proof offshore investment opportunities, there are few choices you can make. Just as in any onshore asset investment, offshore investments are also susceptible to market changes and volatility. Gold is an ever-increasingly popular choice as a near bullet-proof, recession-resistant investment choice, both for onshore investors and offshore alike. But if you’re specifically […]