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Moving overseas? High net worth community takes note

06 Jan
High net worth dual citizen

One of the listservs which I access, WealthManagement.com, recently published an article titled “In Trump’s America, a Second Passport May Be the Best HNW Insurance Plan.” For those not accustomed to the standard abbreviations, HNW stands for High Net Worth. The article was subtitled, “f clients are motivated to leave the U.S., attractive new destinations […]

What is the need for having a second citizenship?

04 Jun
citizenship investment

There are many Americans who seek second citizenship and second passport and these people come from either middle class or very wealthy background. Each individual has different long term plans. However, all of them, irrespective of their economic condition aim towards minimizing their tax bills and restore their right to privacy and freedom. Amongst all […]

Papaya Hotel & Spa, Antigua

05 May
Papaya Hotel and Spa

Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship Investment A one-of-a-kind property overlooking one of the Caribbean’s great beaches in the middle of a National Park, and on top of the access this investment gives you to the Antiguan Citizenship Investment Program, the villas of Papaya Hotel & Spa promise to be an excellent operating business model. In Antigua, […]

Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship Investment Program

04 May
Antigua & Barbuda

The opportunity to become a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda is truly unmatched. A member of the British Commonwealth and world-class destination as evidenced by its growing international population over the last decade, thousands of international travelers visit annually and leave the islands harbouring dreams of having a home here. Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda […]