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Tax Mitigation vs. Tax Evasion

23 Oct

Most of the bad word of mouth associated with offshore investment, tax havens and the like involves an interchange of the phrases ‘tax mitigation’ and ‘tax evasion’. As the focus of tax law in the United States and elsewhere turns to tightening a grip on ‘lost’ revenue from offshore investment holders (a seemingly punitive series […]

The Super Roth IRA

11 Oct

Overview of Part 1 The Roth IRA is the better-looking (and smarter!) cousin of the traditional IRA.  The Roth IRA came into existence in 1997 as part of the Taxpayer Relief Act. The provision was named for Senator William Roth of Delaware. Over the course of years since its adoption into law, much discussion has […]

36 Benefits of Offshore Investment

06 Aug
offshore investment expert

Would you like to Add All of the following Values to Your Current Financial Plan? Our Structure is Asset Protected and Tax Deferred which means 1. You can invest without hesitance due to Short-Term /Long Term tax considerations–you sell when the market is right. 2. Don’t limit your investment choice to a “Fund Menu” 3. […]

Income and Tax Issues for the Expat Employee or Business Owner

04 Aug

Before August 2009, some expatriates used bank accounts in countries that had banking secrecy laws, the most well-known was Switzerland. However, at the end of August of that year, Switzerland signed an information release agreement that crumbled one of the stoutest legs of international banking sovereignty principles upon which many expats relied. Since that benchmark […]