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Investing Platform Mythic Markets Turns Your Geeky Hobbies Into Investment Opportunities

21 Aug
Mythic Markets

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Mythic Markets, the fractional investing platform for fans, has announced their first-ever public offering. Starting today, US-based investors can purchase shares of a mint-condition Alpha Black Lotus card from the popular Magic: The Gathering trading card game. Valued at nearly six figures, the rare and highly coveted card will be available on the […]

Antique Art Glass Collector Alan Honig Explains Why It’s a Worthy Investment

19 Aug
Tiffany Glass collection: Dragonfly

Tiffany Glass collection: Dragonfly Alan Honig is a Certified Public Accountant with an illustrious career managing rights to songs and catalogs and serving as a dedicated counsel to major names in the entertainment industry. In his spare time, Honig collects antique art glass shades manufactured prior to 1925, and he explains the legacy behind such […]

NJF Capital: The Rise of the Eurocorn: Europe’s Billion-dollar Businesses

18 Aug
Europe's Billion-dollar Businesses

LONDON, Aug. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Europe’s tech ecosystem is becoming a worthy rival to the US thanks to a recent boom in tech and start-up entrepreneurship. Investors such as NJF Capital are seizing the opportunity to work with these exciting new disruptors, Europe’s Billion-dollar Businesses. We often think of unicorn companies as a Silicon Valley phenomenon, but in […]

Monarch Launches World’s First Decentralized Recurring Crypto Payments System

17 Aug
Monarch Crypto Payments System from Reno, Nevada

Now Online service providers like Netflix and Hulu will be able to accept cryptocurrency payments for memberships and subscription services through an easy-to-integrate decentralized payment platform. RENO, NV / ACCESSWIRE / August 17, 2019 / Monarch, the decentralized wallet and suite of crypto services, has launched the first decentralized recurring payments system (https://youtu.be/dSQUbg8Xp8g). Until now, there’s […]

Fifth Wall Closes New $503 Million Fund, the Largest Real Estate Venture Capital Fund Raised to Date

16 Aug
Los Angeles City Hall

With over $1 billion assets under management and more than 50 corporate strategic investors spanning 11 countries, Fifth Wall has assembled the largest consortium of real estate owners to invest in cutting edge startups and transform the global real estate industry LOS ANGELES, July 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Today,Fifth Wall, the largest venture capital firm focused on technologies […]

Private Placement Programs (PPP) and Bank Trading Platforms

15 Aug
Private Placement Programs

The history of Private Placement Programs (PPP’s) goes back to as far as the 1930’s where it was developed, after the global depression, by the USA and Switzerland based on a unique money-lending/creation structure then operated in Siam (Vietnam). How well it worked (or not) has been lost in the annals of economic history. However, […]

The Holy Temple: A Structure Mysteriously Erased From The Pages of History?

14 Aug
Holy Temple

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / August 14, 2019 / Revered as the meeting place of heaven and earth, Temple Mount, a 3000-year old hill in Jerusalem, is shrouded in controversy. Biblical texts maintain it was once home to the Holy Temple; a series of structures (mainly comprised of two separate buildings) said to have existed circa […]

China and ASEAN set up a good example of a new type of international relations

13 Aug
China and ASEAN

BEIJING,CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / August 13, 2019 / The historical relationship between China and ASEAN is the basis of China’s “Maritime Silk Road” initiative. Today, the strategic partnership between China and ASEAN is becoming a model for a new type of international relations. In recent years, in the face of the volatile international situation, China and ASEAN have […]

The Sustainable Growth Fund for Investors Seeking Second Citizenship Shows Promising Results

12 Aug
Second Citizenship for Sunset in St. Kitts

LONDON, Aug. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The Caribbean islands of St Kitts and Nevis have been attracting foreign investors seeking second citizenship for 35 years in exchange for their contribution. This gave the country considerable funds to develop the islands and sustain a fifth of its GDP. During a recent radio interview, the Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis announced that the Federal Government […]

Berkeley SkyDeck Broadens its Global Participation and Expands its Role as a Hub for Entrepreneurship

11 Aug
hdr berkeley marina and golden gate bridge

Latest Berkeley SkyDeck Cohort Selected from among 800+ Startups from 64 Countries BERKELEY, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 11, 2019 / UC Berkeley SkyDeck, the premier startup accelerator of the University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley), announces that the Fall 2019 program marks the accelerator’s largest number of applications from global startup innovators. SkyDeck received […]

Blockchain and Privacy: How Anonymous Transactions Could Shape the Future

09 Aug
Anonymous Transactions

TOKYO / ACCESSWIRE / August 9, 2019 / Privacy and security have been overused words in the blockchain sphere. The technology which has taken the world by storm, has dangled security as its main hallmark, enticing industries to adopt it. Privacy or anonymous transactions, however, is another story. Since blockchain is known to be a public, […]

Lions Gate Self-Sovereign Club

08 Aug
Lions Gate Club Self-Sovereign Identification

Self-sovereign identity (SSI) with verifiable claims system Revolutionary “Share the Growth” Business Model where the Self-sovereign Club Members participate in an open-source “Kaizen method” organization. An inclusive, provably fair, and transparent economic system with incentives to participate and Golden Ratio (Fibonacci sequence) compensation structure. A powerful foundation supported by Horizen’s distributed multi-tiered node network. Members have the […]

Maxonrow is Proud to Introduce the Max Wallet Starting September 1st

07 Aug
Cryptocurrency in 2019

SINGAPORE, Aug. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Maxonrow is getting ready to officially launch the Max Wallet, a wallet built upon KYC blockchain that shows asset value, transaction fees, and transaction type in full transparency. Users only need to conduct KYC authentication once upon registering a new account before having unlimited access to the Maxonrow Blockchain ecosystem and […]

LendingClub Launches Select Plus Platform

06 Aug

Innovative Open Platform Broadens Access to Responsible Credit With Additional Credit Models from Sophisticated Credit Investors SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ —LendingClub (NYSE: LC), America’s largest online marketplace connecting borrowers and investors, today announced the launch of Select Plus Platform that opens up the LendingClub marketplace to sophisticated investors to identify opportunities to approve borrowers who fall outside the […]

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Partners with Silicon Valley’s Plug and Play to Join Global Ecosystem of Financial Institutions

05 Aug
Palace in Abu Dhabi. - Dhabi Commercial Bank

One of the many palaces in Abu Dhabi ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates, Aug. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) has announced its partnership with Plug and Play, the largest global innovation platform headquartered in Silicon Valley, and Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), the award-winning international financial centre in Abu Dhabi. Along with 80 other financial […]

First Bitcoin Capital Corp Now Owns the Only USPTO Granted Patent for Bitcoin Kiosk/ATM

01 Aug
First Bitcoin Capital

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL / ACCESSWIRE / August 1, 2019 / FIRST BITCOIN CAPITAL CORP (OTC PINK:BITCF) (“the Company”) a prolific generator of more than 100 unique cryptocurrencies and the developer of blockchain powered technology is proud to announce today that it has acquired http://legacy-assignments.uspto.gov/assignments/q?db=pat&reel=049886&frame=0552 U.S. Patent No. 9,135,787 – “Bitcoin Kiosk / ATM Device and System Integrating Enrollment […]

The Declaration Of Digital Independence

31 Jul
The Declaration Of Digital Independence

Declaration Of Digital Independence Authored by Larry Sanger, Co-founder of Wikipedia We declare that we have unalienable digital rights, rights that define how information that we individually own may or may not be treated by others, and that among these rights are free speech, privacy, and security. Since the proprietary, centralized architecture of the Internet […]

Rob Thomson offers closer look at leadership at Waterfront Yacht Brokerage

30 Jul
Waterfront Yacht Brokerage

JUPITER, FL / ACCESSWIRE / July 30, 2019 / Waterfront Yacht Brokerage co-founder and Florida native Rob Thomson provides a detailed look at business at the transformational luxury yacht brokerage, based in Jupiter. Under what he calls an unparalleled, two-pronged approach to leadership, Rob Thomson is joined by Joe Kelly in forming operations at Waterfront Yacht Brokerage. […]

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Angra dos Reis - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Waters edge at Enseada in Angra dos Reis

Beautiful Waterfront Property In Angra dos Reis. Asking: $1.3M (Accepting Offers)
Buzios Luxury Mansion

Luxury Mansion in Buzios

Luxury Mansion in Buzios with an infinity pool and incredible view – $1,639,000
Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Seafront Mansion with Boat Dock

Paraty, Seafront Mansion with Boat Dock – $1.5M USD
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I am a FATCA victim. All my wealth has been frozen for over four years now despite the fact that I had paid IRS all taxes on my account in my home country, Switzerland. Without access to these funds I cannot obtain the foreign residency needed to have a chance at re-claiming the money I worked all my life to put aside for my retirement. I do not qualify for social security or any country’s social programs, and often wonder how I will next be able to buy next week’s food. FATCA is a shameful, immoral, unconstitutional act of international piracy by the U.S., mostly targeting defenseless retired people such as myself. Why are no protests going on against this fascistic abomination?

That is very well put. However, I feel no time in history has there been more country s printing money and going broke that you will see a one world government.That one world government will not care about this law or this piece of paper. It will come in and take whatever it wants. All the governments around the world are killing capital as we speak. that is why people are trying to run to places that have been safe for hundreds of years.I hope I am wrong about that.

No, sir. It is a society corrupt from the highest fazenda owner to the lowliest favela denizen. When you first see Brazil, injustice and corruptions screams out you from all directions. Education alone is not enough. Something within the mindset of the Brazilian must change.