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Ninety-Percent of Life Is Habits ― Make Them Rich Habits!

27 Jul
Rich Habits

Anybody can offer advice; for real, lasting change, however, nothing offers proven insights like science. Dr. Randall Bell examines groundbreaking research from human sociology and economics in his latest book, Rich Habits Rich Life: The Four Cornerstones of All Great Pursuits (Leadership Institute Press). The culmination of Bell’s diligent search to discover why some succeed […]

As Investors Seek Tech-Savvy Advisors, Will Financial Professionals Adapt?

25 Jul
Tech-Savvy Advisors

Whether it’s mapping the shortest driving route with GPS or making restaurant reservations through a smartphone app, people expect technology to provide them with the answers and the assistance they need. And increasingly, tech-savvy investors are carrying those expectations into the world of finance. “People live lives that are tech-focused, and more and more they […]

The Importance Of Asking Good Questions

24 Jul
Good questions

About 3 months ago I decluttered. Not the horrible kitchen cupboard which has everything from screw drivers to toothpicks, sea shells, and a hairbrush the dog chewed. I decluttered mentally. For the uninitiated or curious, you can read the background here. The results so far have shocked me. My productivity has quite literally blown through the roof. […]

What investors need to know about USAs FOREX rules

23 Jul
American Forex rules

US lawmakers dropped a nuclear bomb on the Forex industry called “Dodd-Frank” which implemented a series of rules and regulations that killed all life in the budding Forex industry, in USA.  We explain this is detail in Splitting Pennies – Understanding Forex; the rules are widely misunderstood, and widely catastrophic for trading Forex.  You can […]

Robo-Advisors Vs. Humans: Gauging The Outer Limits Of Automated Financial Advice

19 Jul
Automated Financial Advice

The use of robo-advisors is on the rise among investors looking for an alternative way to get help with financial planning. In fact, a report by the consulting firm A.T. Kearney predicted that robo-advisors will be managing 5.6 percent of Americans’ investment assets by 2020, up from 0.5 percent when the report was done in […]

Split to Be Tied!

18 Jul
Split Dollar Arrangement

Looking Beyond the Morrissette Decision and Around the Corner for Inter-Generational Split Dollar I have had the opportunity throughout my career to know top life insurance agents as well as several top estate planning attorneys. In my view, the best life insurance salesman are the best salesman for any product or service. After all, it […]

Anyone Can Win In A Difficult World Given The Right Tools

15 Jul
Right tools

Boston, MA, July 14, 2016 – Inept managers, poor communications, mismatched core skills and expectations, boss/subordinate disconnects: there are millions of reasons to be unhappy on the job. Now, award-winning author Beverly Flaxington gives readers solid, simple strategies for enjoying and succeeding in their business and personal lives in her books, Self-Talk for a Calmer […]

Wealth and Families – Book

14 Jul
Wealth and Families

Wealth and Families traces its roots to a family member’s request that Howard Stevenson, Harvard Business School professor emeritus, share what he has learned from experience about investing, wealth, and life. Wealth. It’s a nice problem to have, but the financial uncertainty inherent in today’s world means that no one can afford not to think […]

3 Tips To Help You Navigate The Treacherous 401(k) Waters

13 Jul
3 Tips To Help You Navigate The Treacherous 401(k) Waters

A 401(k) is the primary retirement-savings vehicle for many Americans. But despite the 401(k)’s importance, the average participant’s only investment strategy is to plow money into the accounts – then do nothing. They rarely if ever make changes to the investment selections their plans offer. “I’ve known people who had the money in the same […]

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Brazil Investment Properties

Angra dos Reis - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Waters edge at Enseada in Angra dos Reis

Beautiful Waterfront Property In Angra dos Reis. Asking: $1.3M (Accepting Offers)
Buzios Luxury Mansion

Luxury Mansion in Buzios

Luxury Mansion in Buzios with an infinity pool and incredible view – $1,639,000
Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Seafront Mansion with Boat Dock

Paraty, Seafront Mansion with Boat Dock – $1.5M USD
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Comments and Feedback

All problems are nothing more then a LACK of information, with that said the only one’s to blame for this economic collapse is every human lacking knowledge ME INCLUDED. The only way to gain all knowledge is by valuing every human’s perspective not just a few. We as human’s evolve, gain knowledge once we decide to actually receive information. The most dangerous group of people are experts, they stop receiving information, there is no such thing as an expert while we experience social problems. I fear genius’s more then anything that is why I am always open to being wrong but require to be proven wrong so I know I am in fact wrong about something. Our problem is we focus on what is wrong and we fail to paint a picture of what is right. I follow the person who suggests solutions, what does it look like, how would it work – that is the conversation that is more productive. We need a new justice system one that results a win/win not a lose/win, that is possible and would love that conversation on how that works and what it looks like.

That is very well put. However, I feel no time in history has there been more country s printing money and going broke that you will see a one world government.That one world government will not care about this law or this piece of paper. It will come in and take whatever it wants. All the governments around the world are killing capital as we speak. that is why people are trying to run to places that have been safe for hundreds of years.I hope I am wrong about that.

No, sir. It is a society corrupt from the highest fazenda owner to the lowliest favela denizen. When you first see Brazil, injustice and corruptions screams out you from all directions. Education alone is not enough. Something within the mindset of the Brazilian must change.

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We research and prepare a customized Report to detail and process map, for a 402(b) (type) Regulated Asset Protection Structure. The US Treasury has formally determined that pensions carry a low risk of tax evasion and they are therefore exempt from FATCA reporting. This 402(b) allows for the broadest and deepest investment choice globally without U.S. person restrictions, restraints or blockage. Both domestic and foreign securities are available because foreign government regulated and registered pension fiduciary professional investor rules apply.

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