36 Benefits of Offshore Investment

06 Aug

Would you like to Add All of the following Values to Your Current Financial Plan?

offshore investment expertOur Structure is Asset Protected and Tax Deferred which means

1. You can invest without hesitance due to Short-Term /Long Term tax considerations–you sell when the market is right.

2. Don’t limit your investment choice to a “Fund Menu”

3. Earn the highest yields on earth…no matter where they may be offered OnShore or Offshore

4. Diversify your investment currency

5. Protect your retirement from legal or government actions.

6. Take full advantage of all the resources that are usually only available to the super-wealthy.

7. Access the out-performing power of global hedge funds…and do it for far less than the normally-prohibitive minimums.

8. Secure your wealth behind an impenetrable shield of protection. Never be harassed by ex-business partners, ex-spouses, ex-clients or anyone else who would take what’s rightfully yours.

9. Keep your wealth with the ones you want not the government even after you’re gone without having to lose control for your own choice and benefit.

10. Achieve legitimate tax management.

11. Broaden your asset diversification choice to maximize your portfolio’s total return.

12. Take advantage of special institutional “only” investment programs.

13. Make your Estate rock-solid and keep it out of probate’s prying public eyes.

14. Add layers of protection to your wealth and allow for tax-deferred distributions.

15. Create your own personal Cross-Border empire when you spread your investment locations and interests across multiple countries or even continents.

16. Expand your wealth manager selections both in terms of strategies you’ll use for income and capital growth as well as the Global contacts you need to implement them.

17. Take no chances with your money. Diversify means Different!

18. Different means Separate it ! Country, Institution, Fund House, Managers, Asset Types, Advisors Currencies you name it!

19. Cash in on the strongest trends in the world for the best opportunities.

20. Diversify your investment portfolio with foreign currencies and maximize your returns whether the dollar is soars or gets crushed.

21. Earn the highest yields on earth…no matter where they may be offered.

22. Escape the dangers of being tied to the dollar when you diversify into elite investments unknown to ordinary U.S. investors.

23. Discover the most lucrative offshore funds. PLUS the most effective and profitable ways to take advantage of them.

24. Pack your portfolio with mutual funds selections from a pool 5 times larger than U.S. funds alone…

25. Protect and assure your access to certain U.S. securities even if U.S. exchanges are closed for emergency measures.

26. Expand your portfolio to include international stocks your broker will never tell you about. Companies that far outperform their U.S. counterparts.

27. Take advantage of business and entrepreneurial Funds around the world.

28. Make your wealth invisible to predators.

29. Take advantage of special institutional rates to save money and tap into exclusive institutional investment strategies.

33. Defend your wealth from any dollar devaluation by holding multiple currencies.

34. Forget the FDIC. Never worry if your deposits are covered when you bank in countries with the MOST stringent financial supervision.

35. Keep your finger on the pulse of global markets beyond just stocks and bonds.

36. Discover conservation investments that are 2-TIMES better than bonds. Opportunities that pay a higher yield AND give you real principal security.

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