402b Benefits for Asset Protection

27 Jan

Benefits of a Regulated Asset Protection Structure (RAPS)
Armada Rouen 2008 - Benefits of a 402b Asset Protection Structure

  • Recapture pre-tax contributions and tax deferred accumulations
  • Recapture foreign financial account privacy and secrecy
  • When there is a legal basis there are no limits to contribution amounts
  • Liquidity at all times.
  • Overcome regulatory barriers to provide your champions capital shares
  • Reduce employee social service costs by 1/3rd to 1/2
  • Obtain a legal basis for a tax deferral structure not connected to U.S.A.
  • Pension law has never changed retrospectively
  • Tax law is subordinate to pension law
  • Pre-Authorization to sign a W8 BEN-E means freedom to deal
  • Be where narrow focus investing is ”OK”
  • Obtain tax deferral for a company dealing in capital overseas
  • Exempt investments from foreign country tax exposure
  • Estate plan for accumulations, succession and perpetuities
  • 402(b) accounting defines capital gains and income quite separately
  • Control amount of current year tax payable
  • Shifting a domestic investment to overseas custodian for asset protection
  • Obtain a foreign financial account without US person restraints,
    restrictions, blockage or FATCA reporting
  • Obtain your investments from a tax free environment
    Foreign regulated, O.E.C.D. registered and IRS and International
    Organization of Pension Supervisors recognized retirement plan
  • Expand wealth manager selection globally to include those not available
    to U.S. persons
  • Use separate jurisdictions for the components of your overseas investment
    account for safety and security
  • Choose your own financial team from any jurisdiction including the USA
  • Reduce financing costs
  • Increase net worth without wealth tax
  • Invest pre-tax deferred compensation back into your own company stock
  • Access 100% of the world’s registered securities and funds as a non-U.S.
    person and Institutional Investor
  • Hold investment gains offshore without PFIC or UBTI issues
  • Use an IRA to invest from a foreign financial account as a non-U.S. Person
  • Be protected at an intergovernmental level recognized by the Treasury
    and the Internal Revenue Service
  • Obtain a FATCA Identification number with no need for a ”GIIN” number
  • Eliminate the 3rd party risk of your bank, brokerage, and trading account
  • Hold investments that include a loan or mortgage without UBIT issues
  • Take money out of business to avoid becoming a PFIC
  • Exempt from IRS Form 3520/3520a
  • IRS Form 8957 Foreign Financial Institution Secrecy & Privacy Rules apply

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