America’s Ruling “Inflatocracy” Exposed

09 Jul

Secrets of America’s Ruling “Inflatocracy” Exposed – New Book: “The Inflation Deception” Offers Seven Ways to Restore Economic Stability

Inflation Deception bookThe “Inflatocracy” (government of, by and for inflation) and the huge welfare state it makes possible, have brought the United States and millions of Americans to the brink of bankruptcy. In the new book The Inflation Deception monetary expert Craig R. Smith and former think tank futurist and veteran investigative reporter Lowell Ponte team up again to track down how the Inflatocracy has taken over our government and explore seven ways We the People can take back our country.

American Exceptionalism is real. Scientists have found it in an unusual variant in the DNA of a disproportionate share of Americans. This self-selected “pioneering” and “entrepreneurial” DNA has helped make America “exceptional” in the world in both freedom and prosperity, according to The Inflation Deception: Seven Ways Government Tricks Us…And Seven Ways to Stop It!, a new book by businessman Craig R. Smith and futurist Lowell Ponte.

According to the authors, “Today America’s economy seems trapped in a downward spiral of permanent high unemployment, sinking home prices, currency decline and near-zero economic growth.”

“Worse yet, Americans now face a fast-approaching tidal wave of inflation that could sink our economy and the U.S. Dollar, and plunge our world into conflict and chaos.”

Behind today’s crisis is “the Inflatocracy, a new kind of government of, by and for inflation,” that has staged a quiet coup d’etat and replaced the government of America’s Founders,” writes Smith, the founder and Chairman of Swiss America Trading Corporation.

In the past two years Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke has printed $2 Trillion to stimulate America’s sinking economy – that’s $52.5 Billion of capital backing a $2.7 Trillion balance sheet – and then the Obama Administration raised our nation’s bet on John Maynard Keynesian stimulus to over $4 Trillion.

“They failed, and America’s economic growth has slowed to an anemic 1.9 percent that experts now describe as ‘stall speed,’ a rate that could plunge us back into a Great Recession or even another Great Depression,” says Mr. Smith.

“The old Keynesian rules leaders looked to for economic recovery in the past now appear not to work. Investors, savers and the rest of us trying to earn a living or survive on a fixed income feel disoriented, uncertain and worried,” adds Mr. Ponte.

In The Inflation Deception, monetary expert Craig R. Smith and his co-author former think tank futurist Lowell Ponte expose the long-unseen powerful forces behind the current economic crisis.

Smith and Ponte offer seven ways we can restore economic stability. And they show how, come what may, you can secure your life savings and protect your family’s future while riding out the arriving storm.

On July 4, 1776 America’s Founders established this nation as uniquely favoring small government, low taxes, sound money, frugality, thrift and individual responsibility.

“The Inflatocracy is very different. It uses inflation as a secret form of taxation to fund a huge and ever-expanding government. The Inflatocracy uses inflation and the always-growing welfare state it makes possible to redistribute wealth from those who work hard and save to others who spend beyond their productivity and serve the collectivist government,” according to the authors.

THE INFLATION DECEPTION uncovers new scientific research that shows how inflation and the devaluing of our dollars literally changes brain neurochemistry, like a mood-altering, perception-altering drug.

American Exceptionalism is real, Smith and Ponte show, not only because of our free minds and free markets but also because those with genetic traits for entrepreneurship left their oppressive homelands to settle in the United States.

As America has become an Inflatocracy, with no more frontiers and ever-more-restricted opportunities like the European states most of our ancestors fled to escape, write Smith and Ponte, Americans who still carry their pioneer forefathers’ entrepreneurial DNA are suffering elevated rates of stress, frustration, illnesses, suicides and below-replacement fertility.

“The Inflatocracy is literally killing off the old-fashioned kinds of Americans who made our country successful, prosperous and free,” they write.

“In place of the values of America’s Founders, the Inflatocracy is imposing a collectivist dependency on government and anti-individualist, anti-free market conformism that inevitably will lead to stagflation, hyper-inflation and failure,” the authors warn.

The Inflation Deception brings together hundreds of experts and documents to expose the shocking and surprising ways inflation has been turned into a new kind of governance to control and reshape our lives and, in President Barack’s Obama’s ominous promise, to “fundamentally transform” the United States.

Yet for all its expertise, this book is a heart-pounding page-turner of a detective story as Craig and Lowell track down how a hard-working American family, Ryan and Peggy Jones and their two children, have been robbed and pushed to the edge of ruin by the Inflation Deception.

This is not dry, dull economics. The Inflation Deception boils with sinister intrigue and danger, especially when readers look in their bathroom mirror and suddenly recognize that this is not fiction.

All these inflation manipulations are revealed in detail in this important new book, The Inflation Deception: Six Ways Government Tricks Us… And Seven Ways to Stop It! ($19.95 retail, Idea Factory Press)

To support “National Inflation Awareness Month” in July the publisher is offering 500 free copies of THE INFLATION DECEPTION to Americans with savings to protect. Call 800-630-1494 now OR register here

To Interview Craig R. Smith or Lowell Ponte, or for reviewer copies of THE INFLATION DECEPTION and/or their 2010 book CRASHING THE DOLLAR, Contact Bronwin K. Barilla at 1-800-950-2428 or bkbarilla(at)inflationdeception(dot)com

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