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08 May

City, Moscow, Skyscrapers, InvestmentMaking money from investment in the stock markets, startups and other ventures are no longer an ‘only the adults and wealthy people’ thing. With digitalization and the option to freelance from a young age, people with the right skillset and even without the traditional education background can sign up, start working and make money.

So what does a generation of people who are rapidly into innovation, entrepreneurship and internet driven world want? A better, up to date and a reliable digital product through which they can invest and make money. Gone are the days of websites. Apps are the today and tomorrow of things being simple and accessible.

Here are seven surprising and extremely reliable applications through which you can make your money.

  1. Seedrs

Startups are the warehouses of untapped potential, and they are where big money of the future is. Facebook, Twitter, and Uber, the billion-dollar Silicon Valley businesses have all began as a startup.

With Seedrs, you can invest in startups by participating in equity crowdfunding. Startups campaign in Seedrs and you can pick a startup that looks promising to you and Seedr crowdfunds it for a share of equity. Also, the entrepreneurs set goals in their campaigns, and if they fail to meet them in a time span of 60 days, they pay you back your money. True, investing in startups is an immense risk, but so is the reward. Where there is a risk, there is a reward.

  1. Stash

Are you a staunch supporter of environmental friendly products only? Or do you prefer of the Travel industry? With Stash, you get to pick the industries you like to extend your support to and invest in the companies belonging to those industries only.

It is a good platform for beginners as well because they provide you with many insights and also educate on building a well-diversified portfolio. The pricing plans start from as low as $1 per month only.

  1. Acorns

We often use our cards or wallets to make online payments for a lot of things. Many times, the price we pay for these things isn’t a round figure. Someplace, you had to pay $3.40, and another place might’ve charged you $566.50. Now what Acorns does is this—it takes the change from your money spent, 60 cents in the first case and 50 cents in the second case and invests it in the stock market. Now you no longer have to worry about putting money aside. Acorns will do it for you and invest it too! The membership cost is $1 per month only!

  1. Gold Tracker

Do you fancy investing in Gold, Platinum, and Silver? Are you someone who prefers commodities for stability? You must rush to your iOS app store and purchase the Gold Tracker app for $2.99 and start investing your money with this app.

  1. M1 Finance

Does doing all the research and due diligence before investing make your head hurt? Do you want to automate that as well? M1 Finance is there to your rescue. It is a robo investment advisor.

You just need to open a free account and pick a portfolio template that suits your investment and financial planning goals. Looking for a retirement corpus? Just pick a template portfolio and start investing. The robo in M1 mimics the security holding movements of the American Depository Banks and invests your money. Of course, you can change it and tweak it to build your investment portfolio too. You need to invest a minimum of $100 initially.

With the world being within reach of your smartphone, leveraging the applications in your it to make money is an excellent opportunity. So make the most of these applications and have a good source of passive income. People like Alice, a lipsense Distributor, and David, full-time web developers have made huge sums of money through investing money by using applications mentioned above. You are never too young or never too old to start investing and making passive income. Start now, don’t regret later.

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