Axiom Legal Financing Fund

10 May

Uncorrelated Alternative Investment

The Fund: The Axiom Legal Financing Fund provides short fixed interest loans to approved British law firms to finance specific litigation cases and matters of a non-litigious type, such as divorce. Loans are concentrated on the consumer market but the fund does provide finance for commercial cases. However, the fund will only make loans to cases that are expected to settle within a year. This should ensure constant liquidity in the fund.

The Fund provides investors with the opportunity to diversify their portfolio into a fund targeting security of capital and consistent returns that are uncorrelated to any other market. The objective is to provide security of capital and achieve consistent capital growth.

Target minimum net annual growth rates:axiom legal financing fund

  • 11% (Sterling)
  • 10% (US Dollar)
  • 10% (Euro)

No entry or exit charge to investors. No management charge to the fund, performance fee only (the Investment Manager’s fees and marketing costs are paid by the law firms) Monthly dealing.

The Axiom Legal Financing Fund is a Segregated Portfolio based in the Cayman Islands. It is a “professional and experienced investor” fund and can only be purchased through a regulated financial intermediary.

Please write for more information about the Axiom Legal Financing Fund.

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