BCX Mainnet Launches: Delivering the Future for the Bitcoin Community

15 Jan

Bitcoin community

NEW YORKJan. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — BCX, operated by BitcoinX Foundationis a promising fork of Bitcoin, today announced that it’s Mainnet launched successfully oJanuary 15, 2018. This indicates BCX is able to offer unlimited possibilities for the Bitcoin community.

With its successfully Mainnet launch, BCX now supports SegWit, Lightning Network, Replay Protection, Unique Address Format, DAA difficulty Adjustment and blake2b GPU mining.

Bitcoin community

Features and Roadmap of BCX (PRNewsfoto/BitcoinX Foundation)

Slow transaction speed has been a constant issue for the Bitcoin community. Scaling is imminent, but the Bitcoin community has primarily focused on other issues. With these newly added features and 2M block size, BCX is able to tackle these problems.

Another key for scaling ithe Lightning Network. BCX now supports Lightning Network, making it possible for BCX to push the transaction speed to a whole new level.

As a fork of Bitcoin, the BCX team is experienced and prepared to implement Replay Protection and Unique Address Format. This will separate BCX chain and BTC chain completely to ensure the safety of assets.

As for the mysteries of their identity, BCX team explained in their first AMA, “The reason why we choose to operate like this is because of our faith in decentralization. The beauty of Blockchain is that it has provided us a possibility to be completely anonymous. Our drive and the very reason for the existence of BCX is to create a Bitcoin system that truly meets the needs of society and to fulfill Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision without any compromises. We are not in this for personal interests.”

The rather chaotic development of the Bitcoin community has recently drifted away from Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision. While the community may need some changes, the focus should be on technology instead of marketing hype.

By providing the most comprehensive features among other Bitcoin forks, the capable team behind BCX offer a promising future.

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