Canada for Offshore Gold Storage

06 Oct

Invest Offshore with Gold in Canada

Invest offshore in gold

Invest offshore in gold

Canada as an offshore tax haven? For sure, as long as you’re not a Canadian resident or citizens.

Recently a leading Canadian newspaper published the article:
A Canadian’s best tax haven? The U.S.

The U.S. Is a Good Tax Haven for Canadians

The U.S. meets virtually all of the requirements of a good tax haven for Canadians but it is rarely mentioned when discussing worldwide tax havens.

In response to the story “A Canadian’s best tax haven? The U.S.” We now have some exciting news for U.S. citizens, or anyone else who believes that Canada could be a safe offshore tax haven:

GoldMoney is pleased to announce that you have further diversification options for storing your metals with GoldMoney. In addition to their existing storage facilities in Hong Kong, Switzerland and the UK, you can now also store your gold and silver in a high-security vault operated by Brink’s in Toronto, Canada.

Further to the above, they have recently partnered with Rhenus Freight Logistics to offer you another gold storage option in Switzerland. The Rhenus vault is located in the secured zone of Zurich Airport and offers superb security, plus the option to inspect your gold.

Storage at the newly added vaults in Canada and Switzerland is available at our lowest fees. You can select your preferred storage location when placing your buy order.

Finally, you may be interested to know that you can take delivery of any number of gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars from any of the vaults, as well as personally collect your bar(s) stored in the Hong Kong, Switzerland and UK vaults.

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