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“The System Is Rigged” Axel Merk Debunks The Market’s Fake Risk & Fake Return

03 Mar
Kabuki legend - Fake risk

With seemingly everyone from the blogosphere to the Tweeter-in-chief chiming in on fake news, have investors considered their risk/return profile may also be “fake”? When it comes to investing, who or what can we trust, is the market rigged, and why does it matter? For eight years in a row now, an investment in the […]

Powerful Gold & Silver Coiled Springs

25 Feb
Coiled spring

Important Charts You Have To See by SRSrocco Report According to the fundamentals, gold and silver are severely compressed coiled springs looking for an opportunity to release their tremendous power. Yes, it is true, the precious metals still hold a great deal of power. Which is why their prices are constantly controlled by market intervention. […]

Why Binary options trading is a risky bet for beginners but a worthy one for Pros?

03 Feb
Twin Peaks - Binary Options Trading

There is a considerable amount of risk with all categories of investments and binary options are no exception to that. While binary options are popular among novice investors because of the simplicity of its concept, it is still considered a risky bet for beginners because it is purely based on predicting the future market trendsof […]

What would Jesse Livermore and Sun Tzu be doing in today’s gold market?

20 Jan
Jesse Livermore

Q: What would Jesse Livermore and Sun Tzu be doing in today’s gold market? A: Lusting for blood. Both would understand that there is a historic opportunity to make serious money in the next few years. Civil unrest is coming. The Art of Speculation during Civil War Sun Tzu Meets Jesse Livermore The people controlling […]