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Revolutionizing Private Equity Investing

27 Feb
Fusion for Private Equity Investing

Research on $4.2T of PE-Backed Companies Revolutionizes Private Equity Investing NEW YORK, Feb. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — CEPRES today announced they will showcase PE.Analyzer3 at next week’s SuperReturn conference in Berlin. PE.Analyzer3 combines three products — an advanced investment research tool, an innovative due diligence system, and an exclusive private investment network for high quality, […]

Dr. Iris Mack’s Book – A Wall Street Bailout for Main Street – Shows Novice Investors How to Make Money by “Renting” Stocks

01 Feb
Dr. Iris Mack's Book - A Wall Street Bailout for Main Street

Everyone has heard of the lucrative investments of Wall Street professionals. But Dr. Iris Mack is here to help the average person with her new book, titled A Wall Street Bailout for Main Street. NEW ORLEANS — With her third published book, titled A Wall Street Bailout for Main Street, Dr. Iris Mack aims to help […]

The Revelation of President-Elect Trump’s Call with President of Taiwan

09 Dec
Taipei, Taiwan

President-Elect Trump’s Call with President of Taiwan Indicates He Plans to Play Hardball with China, says American Asset’s President & CEO BOCA RATON, Florida Dec. 9, 2016 The revelation of a phone call between President-elect Trump and Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen last Friday is a clear indication that Trump plans to play hardball with China […]

What Happens When the Fake Stock Market Driven By Fake Data Finally Adjusts to Economic Realities?

19 Nov
Fake Stock Market

While we’re on the topic of fake news… how about we assess the fake economy of the last eight years? President Obama at one point claimed that those who questioned the strength of the recovery were “peddling fiction.” It’s an interesting claim given the entire recovery, at least post 2010, has been built on fake […]

SRI Research Prize Winner: Impact Investing “Supply” Failing to Meet Demand

10 Nov
Blue model of power supply

The SRI Conference Announces Moskowitz Prize Winner: Study Shows Europe’s Demand for Impact Funds Over Traditional Investments Three Times Higher Than in North America DENVER, CO. AND BERKELEY, CA (November 10, 2016) — The demand for impact investing alternatives is outstripping the available supply of such choices for investors, according to a new study awarded […]

California marijuana legalization may spark a historic rally in marijuana stocks.

03 Nov
marijuana stocks

Marijuana stocks are really starting to light up. Over the past few months many weed stocks have seen their share prices more than double. Some are even up more than 1,000% – in just the last few months. The reason is quite simple: California Legalization. Game changing legislation looks like a sure fire bet in […]

Fin.Tips backs calls to boost financial education across the world

02 Nov
financial education - Gadgets

Many adults around the world struggle to perform basic financial calculations and understand how investment works studies show. Personal financial advice platform Fin.Tips is backing calls to boost financial education around the world and help individuals and families get a better grasp on their money and how they can make it work for them. An […]