Confessions of an Expat Canuck

21 Feb
RMS Titanic, Ocean Liner, (1912) - Expat Canuck

RMS Titanic, Ocean Liner, (1912)

Never before in modern history has there been a time when people everywhere have become so disillusioned by the Global Governments and their leadership. Call it an awakening, or blame it on the information-age with all it’s alternative media but the fact remains the same; Governments have gone way out of control and their leaders, for the most part, have become complicit criminals to the special interests of the multi-national corporations. To add insult to injury, the political systems, even in the home of the free and land of the brave, shining beacon of democracy, the good’ole USA, proven beyond a reasonable doubt, that electronic voting systems have been, can be, and will be hacked by the player with the highest hand in the monitoring of the results.

The great awakening, to use the popular term, includes the realization it’s not just the Gov. in a west African nation, Russia or Brazil – all of them are corrupt and broken because the systems are rigged by the highest bidder, and the popular consent necessary, from the public, to win support of the electorate (needed to pull-off the giant con-job on the public), is bought with millions of dollars of clever Madison Avenue TV marketing.

At the end of the day we find ourselves stuck underneath an inverted totalitarian pyramid where it matters-not what puppet dances on the end of the string because we now know that it’s the hand we can’t see on the controls, from the safe comfy confines of a 5 Star Hotel Bilderberg round-table, a wood panelled conference room of the Counsel on Foreign Relations (CFR) board meeting, or maybe at the yearly hedonistic cremation of care (ceremony) at the famous Bohemian Grove. So why should I think that my vote, or anything else for that matter, is going to make the slightest of difference to whatever the freaks at the top have planned. We need to have our own plans, one of which is to get away from the freak-show.

Arrangement of lifeboats for Expats on Titanic, as seen on a large-scale model of the ship

Titanic model lifeboats

Can you honestly tell me, that you can watch any modern day political leader, and not feel revolted? At least when you watch them in a foreign country you can improve your language skills but it can be worse too, since you can more easily detect the gestures and facial tells of liars.

Sure, you can roll up your sleeves and jump into the democratic process, as many people do and I admire the conviction of many of them, however at this point in history it seems like bailing out the Titanic with an ice-bucket because it might look like your getting results in your area, from your perspective, when in reality the much better idea would have been to seek an alternative ship, or boat, of raft even. In other words…. exit stage left – become an Expat! Go somewhere that suits your needs but take advantage of the fact, that you’re just passing through.

What I love about being an Expat in Brazil is that I could care less what puppet is dancing on the end of the string, in Canada or Brazil. I’m mainly concerned with my own personal freedoms and the value extracted from the benefits of living as an eternal guest in a foreign country. When I’m in Canada I don’t have feelings about the Government, although I’m always super grateful for the civil services, organization and infrastructure, since Brazil suffers from some socio-economic issues that could be vastly improved in these regards but hey, it’s like comparing 35 million apples to 200 million oranges – the oranges are going to be a much worse problem but for all it’s problems Brazilian’s seem happier and healthier than North Americans, although we’re getting obese here too.

My point is this: Becoming an Expat can be thought of as a political position, one of not only opting-out of the broken system but also adopting another society, or two, in order to slip between the cracks of the sheep pen. Take advantage of the best features that any Government is offering, in order to increase your own sovereignty. Mix and match laws of the lands, to create your own code of conduct.

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