Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Corporate Services from a Global Financial Advisers Network

As a business owner you’re already fully aware that your company’s true value is intrinsically linked to the quality of your work force. After all you invest so much time and effort recruiting only the very best people; people who will share your vision and who will drive your company forward for its continued success.

Yes, the true value of your company and the future success of your company is founded on and driven forward by your employees, their ideas and the effort they personally invest daily. But how can you secure the strength and direction of your company when nowadays employees switch jobs increasingly frequently in search of new opportunities and an employer who will truly value their personal levels of sacrifice and commitment?

By being that employer! By offering the very best employee benefits you can show your key employees the loyalty and commitment they deserve from their employer, and in turn they are far more likely to remain loyal to you and commit to your company’s future success.

Best Employee Benefits

When it comes to the identification and implementation of the correct corporate medical, insurance and retirement plans we are best placed to assist you.


  1. We are independent
  2. We have a wealth of information freely available for you and your employees to take away, learn and benefit from
  3. We work with one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory, that already have over 7,000 satisfied customers
  4. Together we have a global reach meaning we can meet any cross border requirements you may have and service your offices and employees wherever in the world they happen to be located
  5. Together we have advisers worldwide to advise and assist on a personal face to face basis
  6. Together we have a central office for the administration and management of your particular requirements
  7. Together we have access to the entire product market place and benefit from some of the most attractive discounts and special offers available from the major financial service providers – the benefits of which we in turn pass directly on to you
  8. Our service is free to you – we are paid by product providers therefore we do not charge you a fee

How Exactly Can We Help?

We can advise you on the suitable packages of benefits available for your employees, we can assist you to tailor these packages to match your company’s needs or to meet the specific needs of given key employees, we can bring you products from the entire financial marketplace and ultimately we can help you establish, manage and administer benefit packages making the entire process simple, swift and completely effective.

Examples of benefits we can assist with include: –

  • Pensions and retirement savings plans
  • Life cover
  • Disability cover
  • Medical cover
  • Overseas assistance
  • Bonus payments
  • Executive benefits
  • Key person assurance

To secure your employee’s loyalty and commitment and to secure your company’s continued success, contact us today in complete confidence to find out exactly how we will assist you or to make an appointment with a senior broker at your earliest convenience.

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