Cryptocurrency and Offshore Bank-Crypto-Stock Exchange

31 Dec

10 Trusted Guarantees from a Cryptocurrency and Bank-Crypto-Stock Exchange called PitBull

  1. We are Federally Licensed as a Securities Underwriter, Issuer, Brokerage, & Bank-Crypto-Stock Exchange.
  2. We use AI-Bio Metrics for Verification of Your Account; so no one else can use it!
  3. Our First of its Kind “Decentralized Bank” Default Page Provides all Necessary Account Functions; that You Control Privately!
  4. Our Crypto Exchange Provides the following: Public Coins, BitCoin & Ethereum, Plus Free Market BitCoin 2, BitCoin BDS Dollar Stable, BitCoin Yuan, & BitCoin Won. Trade BitCoin 2, & Hodl the Profits in BitCoin BDS!
  5. We also Accept Bank Wire Deposits.
  6. Our “Circuit Breaker Equip Stock Exchange” Provides the Following: Foreign Exchange Market, Spot Medals, World’s Top 12 Indices, Spot Commodities, Crypto Currency Pairs with, Foreign Exchange, & Medals, Top USA Shares, Top EU Shares, Top Russian Shares, & Top Asian Shares. Up to 100 Margin, Hedging, or Netting, with Trailing Stops, You Pick what you want; it’s all about You, and Your Needs!
  7. Open Your Bank as the Default Page, on Your Center Monitor, and then Launch Your Crypto Exchange on another Monitor to Your Left, then Launch Your Stock Exchange on another Monitor to Your Right. That’s Right ALL (3) AT ONCE, IN ONE ACCOUNT! “Trade anything, with anything!”
  8. We Treat Your Crypto as CASH, so Your Account can be used Cross Platform right from Your Banking Page! Use Crypto to Trade the Stock Market!
  9. We use only Straight Through Processing (STP) & Direct Market Access (DMA) Tier (1) for All Trading Operations. You get the Actual Best Price, not a Fake Market Low Ball price Every time.
  10. We are a Government Project Underwriter, & Issuer of Securities. Our Bank has a 100% Tax Exemption for ALL INCOME Generated!

Trust, Service, Security, By The People, for the People.

For a Bank-Crypto-Stock Exchange introduction please apply within.

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