Dr. Iris Mack’s Book – A Wall Street Bailout for Main Street – Shows Novice Investors How to Make Money by “Renting” Stocks

01 Feb

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Everyone has heard of the lucrative investments of Wall Street professionals. But Dr. Iris Mack is here to help the average person with her new book, titled A Wall Street Bailout for Main Street.

NEW ORLEANS — With her third published book, titled A Wall Street Bailout for Main Street, Dr. Iris Mack aims to help the common American taxpayer with practical investment secrets and tips, written in an easy-to-digest style, while maintaining the level of specificity needed to actually make a difference.

To achieve this goal, Dr. Mack has chosen the largely unknown tool of “renting” stocks. This method allows readers to outpace the market average while remaining low-risk investors, as their shares of stock are only “rented.” This strategy is perfect for those who can’t afford the massive losses that many novice and overeager investors face, yet it maintains a clear advantage over simply employing the generic strategies of “buy low sell high.” This approach is also ideal for those looking to diversify a retirement plan, allowing any individual the ability to easily grow their savings.

The technical trading term for this approach of renting stocks is a covered call option strategy. Through A Wall Street Bailout for Main Street, readers will learn to use a covered call option strategy alongside other techniques to their full potential. A Wall Street Bailout for Main Street provides step-by-step guidance in constructing bulletproof investment profiles. Through a fluid presentation, a systematic approach, and a low-risk strategy, Dr. Iris Mack is able to provide a comprehensive yet simple guide to making Wall Street work for the people of Main Street.

Dr. Iris Mack’s Book – A Wall Street Bailout for Main Street

About the Author
Iris Marie Mack, PhD, EMBA, earned a doctorate in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University and a Sloan Fellowship Executive MBA from the London Business School. Dr. Mack worked at various energy and financial institutions, acted as a faculty member at MIT, and worked at NASA and AT&T Bell Labs – where she obtained a patent for research on optical fibers. Because of Dr. Mack’s extensive knowledge of the derivatives, energy trading, and investment banking world, she has been invited to write opinion columns for the UK edition of the International Business Times.

For more information visit www.MainStBailout.com.

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