The Five Dimensions of Man

08 Dec
The Vitruvian Man - The Five Dimensions of Man

The Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci (c. 1485) Accademia, Venice

Q: I read with great interest your interview and presentation of “The Five Dimensions of Man” It is a very interesting commentary. BUT do not see the relationship with predicting the price of gold. Could you comment?
A: Trading the gold market happens within a broader universe and action within that universe. It can be better understood if the context is better understood, adding results. With that you should get better trading results.

Q: Please clarify. An example?
A: 98% of people are negative and so have programmed themselves to fail. The five dimension analysis points out, on an objective and logical basis, that in the fifth dimension there is the infinite options that are possible and that to get there requires the focus of consciousness to move to the goal chosen.
(Get: The Five Dimensions of Man”)

Q: Your interview and commentary on The Five Dimensions of Man raised more questions than it answered for me. Please explain how I can use this information to my benefit in trading the gold market.
A: There are three aspects to knowing: mental, emotional and physical. Generally, advisory services and financial writers focus on providing a intellectual analysis to explain and justify their opinion and recommendation. Man is not however a singular mental being. He has emotions and a physical aspect. Some schools teach that man has three bodies: mental, emotional and physical. My view is as follows. The mental is the starting point. If you do not think you can do it, you will not. Thinking that you can however does not assure success. It only clears the way to proceed to the next step: do you feel that you can do it. The emotions produce the fuel to move thought and transform it into action. The third form of knowing is physical action.It is only with physical action that the knowing is securely anchored in the physical so that it can be used in the physical realm. That explains why there are so few traders who get good results and so many who have an opinion.

Q: Please connect this back to the five dimension analysis.
A: You want to be able to go into the fifth dimension and bring back useful information and apply it physically. All successful geniuses have done this. Nikola Tesla comes to mend. He explicitly referenced this in his autobiography. If you wish to join a study group exploring this then you can apply by filling out the registration form at the link below and submitting it.

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