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18 Mar

Luxembourg UCITS - umbrellas

Global Fund Distribution of Luxembourg UCITS

ALFI released last week the figures outlining the footprint of Luxembourg domiciled UCITS, showing the volume of assets under management in various markets globally as at December 2015, giving a breakdown in those markets of the percentage of Luxembourg UCITS, other foreign and domestic open-ended funds.

According to the figures:

  • 50% of the AuM in open ended funds distributed in Germany, 51% of those in Italy and 51% of those in the Netherlands are in Luxembourg UCITS;
  • Luxembourg UCITS make up 47% of the AuM in foreign open-ended funds distributed in Taiwan, Korean, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore;
  • Eight out of the ten largest global open-ended asset managers have a presence in Luxembourg;
  • In 2015 Luxembourg UCITS attracted 72% of the flows within the major markets.

Footprint of Luxembourg UCITS

Download the ALFI poster Footprint-of-Luxembourg-UCITS here.

Data provided by EY Global Fund Distribution – EY GFD

EY Global Fund Distribution (EY GFD) refers to a set of innovative services developed by EY to help asset managers with the cross-border distribution and registration of their UCITS, AIFs and other CIS (Collective Investment Schemes). It covers all key distribution markets in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

Through an integrated web platform, EY GFD provides the following service:

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence provides you with pragmatic and dynamic access to fund market information, enabling you to define and challenge your product development and distribution strategies. It helps you determine which product to distribute, in which jurisdiction, to which category of investors and through which distribution channels.

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