Forex Offshore Investment Strategies

09 May
Managed FX Fund

Managed Forex Fund for Offshore Investment

Comprising different managers and advisers, each with distinct risk-return profiles, the best offshore Managed Forex Fund caters to a comprehensive range of investor styles and requirements. Selected for their high level of expertise in currency trading, each manager of the fund has an in-depth understanding of what drives performance and brings expert opinion to the fund selection process. Each manager has their own objectives, but collectively the Fund targets 15% – 20% per annum. In accordance with UCITS rules, the fund also conforms to a maximum value at risk* (VAR) of 20%.

Forex Trading Strategies

Trend trading: The trader attempts to profit by going with the current established trend, buying into an uptrend or selling in a down trend.

Swing trading: The trader attempts to catch the reversal of the last trend and hold the position until the current trend ends and once again reverses.

Pivot trading: Every trading period, whether daily, weekly or monthly, can be used to calculate Pivot levels relevant to the next period; a Pivot level, 2
support and 2 resistance levels. The trader will use these points to enter or exit trades.

Fibonacci trading: A specific movement in the market will give rise to several Fibonacci levels. The calculated retracement levels are used to enter a trade in the direction of the original movement. The calculated extension levels are used to take positions in the opposite direction of the original movement.

Harmonic trading: Here the strategy looks for repeating patterns in the market and to trade accordingly, following the previous patterns.

Breakout trading: This covers a realm of scenarios and indicators. Basic breakout trading will involve taking a position in the direction with which the market exits a given range. Indicators
can be used to determine, for example, if the most recent volatility exceeds the normal level over a given period and would give rise to a position in this direction.

Fade trading: This is the opposite of breakout trading. The position will be taken in the opposite direction to the breakout movement.

Scalping: This strategy attempts to take small profits whilst the market is “trapped” in a trading range.

With investor comfort paramount, the best Offshore Managed FX Fund offers investor security in the following ways:

  • UCITS regulated – The Fund uses a systematic approach to actively reduce risk at source and incorporate tried and tested
    risk management techniques into our overall trading strategy.
  • The Fund employs stringent risk controls on all investments and offers diversification across multiple managers and trading strategies.
  • Dynamic stop-losses and relative hedging are utilized to reflect directional bias.
  • Investment positions will be mainly in G10 currencies.
  • Draw-downs are not expected to exceed 20%.
  • Only cash settled (t+2) spot foreign exchange transactions will be used by the managers;
    no derivatives trading (unless for hedging purposes) or other investment funds will be used.

Successfully investing in today’s fund market requires lateral thinking, proven methodology and a wealth of industry experience. The Quantum Managed FX Fund offers all of this and more. They pride themselves on a focused approach and their multi-manager structure assures a FX investment portfolio that best suits most clients needs. The proprietary knowledge and stringent investment process of this unique team of managers and advisers ensures that your investments are working to their best possible advantage. The Quantum managers and advisers are all asset-class specialists, each bringing a profound depth of industry knowledge; their systems are robust and these managers and advisers have long-standing experience of delivering optimum performance.

Contact us to learn more about the Quantum Managed FX Fund.

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