Gold and silver are known; all else is credit

02 Feb

Gold and silver bank business cash coin British stack deposit

As J. P. Morgan famously said: Gold and silver are known; all else is credit. The gold price is fixed twice each business day in London. It’s called the London AM or PM Fix. Many contracts reference the London Fix to set a price for future gold delivery. It may be that the bullion dealers who set the Fix aren’t always empirical. Governments certainly aren’t. They have a direct and vital interest in currency values, and gold plays a significant role in currency valuation on a global scale. What does gold price manipulation, attempted or real, mean to your profit and loss?

Should the issue even be raised? Should I leave the manipulation question to the conspiracy crowd? At one point, I turned ten thousand into five and a half million in less than a year trading gold futures and options on gold shares. The ten thousand to five and a half million was a five-hundred-and-fifty fold increase. If I’d done that well the next year I would have had over a billion. But I didn’t do as well the next year. Why? How relevant was market manipulation? What was my success and failure dependent on? What needed to be fixed? Could market manipulation actually help the savvy speculator? If so, how do I become savvy? Find out the truth. Learn the Fixed System. Get free White Paper here.

by Arthur Fixed

The Art of Speculation during Civil War

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Commentary from Arthur Fixed the author of the Art of Speculation during Civil War – Sun Tzu Meets Jesse Livermore is a private manuscript copyrighted 2012 by Art Fixed.

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