Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program on Track for Record Year

15 Dec

Citizenship by investment is becoming a major trend among high net worth individuals throughout the globe

MIAMI, FLORIDA, December 15, 2021 / — The ability to obtain a second passport through investing in a nation’s economy opens various doors and opportunities for investors, while simultaneously enabling smaller countries like Grenada to develop their economic landscape.

Various nations offer their own version of citizenship by investment programs (CIPs), with the majority situated in the Caribbean Region. Among those Caribbean countries offering CIPs is Grenada, a country that has seen its program garner record demand from all around the globe in 2021.

In 2021, Grenada saw its CIP surpass the number of applications submitted the year before in just three quarters and is set to attract even more investors going forward, especially those residing in the US, who currently make up one of the largest applicant nationality pools. But this is not surprising, considering the abundance of benefits that Grenada’s CIP provides, starting with life in the country itself.


One of the hottest tourist attractions in the Caribbean Region, Grenada boasts stunning natural scenery, a serene climate tucked away from hurricanes, and gorgeous cities bustling with life. Grenada has much more to offer than just serenity and beauty. Its strategic location links it to major global nations; it is just a three-hour flight from Miami and has direct flights connecting it to New York, London, Toronto, Frankfurt, and many others.

Grenada’s status as a Commonwealth nation and a member of the CARICOM also plays a large role in maintaining its vast network of international connections. Trade agreements, political alliances, visa-free travel, and other advantages come as a result of its global stature. Being a Commonwealth nation, Grenada has also adopted its own version of common law, which provides its citizens with a high level of democracy and robust legal protection.

Taxation Benefits

Grenada is considered a favorable tax haven, making it a favorite among the world’s high net worth individuals.

The country does not impose any foreign income, capital gains, withholding, wealth, or inheritance taxes on its citizens. Grenada also does not levy citizenship-based taxation like the US through its FATCA, meaning that Grenadian citizens abroad do not need to worry about filing tax returns or paying Grenadian taxes on their foreign income.

Enhanced global mobility

Grenada has one of the best passports globally, providing its holder with visa-free travel to 144 destinations worldwide, including highly sought after destinations such as the UK, EU, Singapore, Hong Kong, and many others.

Grenada is the only Central American or Caribbean country, along with its neighbor Dominica, that provides visa-free travel to the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China, making it a grandiose asset for those looking to conduct global business.

Streamlined entry into the US

Grenada is one of a few select nations listed on the USA’s E2 Treaty list, meaning its citizens can apply for an E2 Visa to reside in the US.

The E2 is one of the fastest and simplest routes to gain entry into the US, and only those nationalities on the treaty list can apply, but even here, Grenadian nationals have an edge. Many nationalities, such as Egyptians or Montenegrins, can only apply for a one-year, single-entry E2 visa. Grenadians, on the other hand, can apply for a five-year, multiple-entry E2 visa.

A simple and quick process

Grenada’s CIP is one of the simplest in the world. Here are some of the most attractive features of the program:
● Grenada does not require applicants to reside or travel to Grenada to apply.
● The process of getting citizenship by investment takes 4-6 months.
● The investment is made after the approval of the government.

The program allows investors to add a wide array of financially dependent family members to their application, including:
● The spouse of the principal applicant;
● A child under the age of eighteen of the principal applicant or their spouse;
● The child of the principal applicant or their spouse between eighteen and thirty years.
There is no need to be enrolled in tertiary education at a college or university;
● Parents or grandparents of the principal applicant or their spouse with no age restrictions
and no need to show proof of financial dependency;
● Unmarried siblings older than eighteen; and
● A child of the principal applicant or spouse above the age of eighteen years.

The program also provides two investment options:
● A donation to the government’s National Treasury Fund (NTF) starting at 150,000 USD
● Purchasing real estate for 220,000 USD

The process is easy, and the documentation required is straightforward. The main documents needed to apply are:
● Identification document
● Birth certificate
● Marriage/divorce certificate
● Police clearance
● Proof of health
● Bank statement
● Education certificate
● Recommendation letter

Applicants only need to go through six simple steps to obtain citizenship, those steps being:
1. Fill and sign the complete application form
2. Prepare required documents
3. Send the documents to the officially appointed marketing agent that is registered with the
4. Pass the Grenadian government’s due diligence check.
5. Make a qualified investment and take the citizenship oath
6. Receive passports and certificates of naturalization

The simplicity of the program, coupled with its minimal requirements, have made Grenada’s CIP one of the most favorable worldwide. The benefits are astonishing, and they last a lifetime, as citizenship is passed down to future generations.

If you would like to know more about Grenada’s CIP and how you and your family members can become citizens of the nation within a couple of months, contact us today to book a free, comprehensive consultation with our CEO Chirag Giri. You can reach out to us via any of these routes:
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