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International Health Insurance

For the Expat or Permanent Tourist

Make sure that your medical needs are fully covered during your stay abroad

Moving overseas is a stressful undertaking and one which will take up all of your thoughts and time for a considerable period before, during and after you have actually expatriated. One of the most important things on your mind during this period will naturally be the immediate welfare of your family.

Wherever in the world you choose to relocate to you have a responsibility to protect your family and your own well being from day one. The availability and accessibility of health care services will vary on a country by country basis and you need to ensure that you and your loved ones will always be able to afford access to the very best services available. Whether you remain overseas, travel or repatriate you need to find an applicable health insurance policy to cover your needs today, tomorrow and for the whole of your life.

International expat health insurance is a specialist area of expertise.

Why? Because there are so many insurance providers offering such an incredible array of products and services that it is almost impossible to find the very best level of care, the most appropriate level of care and the most affordable level of care without expert assistance.

The confusion the insurance companies have created just adds to the frustration of the expat and either leads to one being over insured and paying for unnecessary policy features, or the worst case scenario and that is the expatriate who leaves his or her health-care and welfare to chance.

Inflation in the medical industry is running high, health care costs increase yearly, many product providers charge over the odds for unnecessary levels of insurance so how can you find the right level of care for the right price?

Well, a lot will depend on your own personal circumstances from where in the world you live, the availability and affordability of medical facilities to the level of cover you would actually like for your family – from comprehensive cover to simple repatriation.

And remember, there is no one solution to fit all – despite what the insurance companies try and tell you. Therefore to find the specific level of cover you require at a price that is affordable please contact us.

We have access to the entire overseas health insurance marketplace. Once a senior adviser has worked with you and your family to assess your exact requirements he and his back up team of administrative assistants will find the best quotation available for you currently and present it for your consideration. Please visit complete our online contact form for free no obligation advice and information about the best expatriate health care for your families needs.

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