Hemptown USA Projects $204M in Revenue for 2020

01 Jul
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ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / July 1, 2019 / CannaInvestor Magazine, the leading industry investment magazine for cannabis investors, analysts, executives, entrepreneurs, and financial media, today announced an update for Hemptown USA. Hemptown USA is growing some of the finest high cannabinoid hemp plants in the world. Following an impressive first year yield, Hemptown USA is scaling up its operation to meet the ever-increasing global demand for cannabinoid products. In fact, Hemptown USA is projecting a 3 million pound harvest in 2019 and $23 million in revenue (based on 2018 crop yield) and is projecting $204 million in revenue for 2020.

Hemptown USA is positioned to be the largest producer of CBG in North America, growing over 500 acres focused exclusively on rare genetics and is projecting to control 40% of the total North American supply by Q4 2019. The company is currently growing over 1,500 acres in Oregon, Kentucky, and Colorado. This distributed production is combined with industry leading growing and harvesting methods, delivering the best quality product in the industry.

Hemptown USA’s premium genetics allow for unparalleled biomass yielding 12-20% broad spectrum cannabinoid content. Hemptown USA’s quality leads to increased extraction efficiency and maximum profitability. The company also offers a diversified product line of flower, pre-rolls, biomass and more with an average margin of 76% to 88%. Several consumer brands are in development with launch dates set for fall 2019.

Learn more about Hemptown USA and see firsthand why the company’s vertically integrated business model is well positioned to capitalize on a global market expected to exceed $22 billion by 2020. Go to: WWW.HemptUSA.com to learn more.

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