How to Invest Offshore

09 Aug

How to invest offshoreWe provide a One World USA Passport solution to holding and reporting global investments without the expense of a Tax Attorney, Tax Consultant or Tax Filer Because the Whose is it? What is it ? Why is it? Where is it? All Tax Deferred is all managed by Single Entry reporting!

Our Services are especially beneficial for CLIENTS:

  • Living, Working or Investing abroad
  • A FATCA exclusion
  • A PFIC exclusion
  • Who are Holding a 401k or IRA.
  • Who want to Reduce current year Tax and maintain Tax deferral on Gains and Income
  • Who desire single entry USA tax reporting
  • Whenever a Double Tax Treaty is applicable
  • Whenever a Double Tax Treaty is not applicable
  • Having partners or family members abroad who may leave them money
  • Owning a business that operates in the U.S.A.
  • Owning a business that operates in a Foreign Country
  • Cross Borders inheritance planning
  • Protecting Assets from USA Tax prior to USA Emigration or Immigration.
  • Incorporating a foreign business in the United States or in a Foreign Country
  • IRS Compliance, IRS Reporting Transparency and IRS Tax Benefits.
  • Needs a foreign account excluded from FFI withholding, PFIC Ruling and from FATCA.
  • Use foreign assets in an estate planning tool without FFI or FATCA issues.
  • Set up a company that is owned by the client without PFIC or FATCA issues.
  • Must deal with any sort of foreign inheritance or gift
  • Enter into a cross border license of intellectual property or other intangible products
  • Want to reform an existing offshore trust for Asset Protection and Tax benefit purposes.

Our services are especially beneficial for a FOREIGN COMPANY with dual tax status:

* A foreign company that wants to open an office in the United States

* Those who have used in their Estate plan a trust (especially an offshore trust)

* Who want to structure a tax complaint mobile employee retirement plan to cross USA, EEA, or other borders

* Use of a controlled foreign corporation

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