Hunger and the bottom in the gold market

16 Mar

bottom feeder
Q: What is the relationship between hunger and the bottom in the gold market?
A: Both have a central emotional component.

Q: Yes, all value is subjective. It is the subjective response to events, not the events, that control the action.
A: There is one counter intuitive thing that makes all food deliciously desirable.

Q: And what is that?
A: The absence of food. The longer it is absent, the more deliciously desirable it is upon arrival it is. Fasting is the one simple thing you can do that will make food more delicious then the worlds best chef and an unlimited budget to buy the best products. But, how many people use that fact to their advantage? Maybe 2%? How many people gorge themselves? Use more spices? Monosodium glutamate? Drugs?

Q: Can you tie that back into picking the low in the gold market?
A: Certainly. The best time to buy if after a time when the buyers have been fasting for a long time.
Not when they are gorging themselves. If gold goes under $1,000, the majority will be short selling it. There will be few or no buyers. They will have bottomed out in their fast. That will be the time to buy.

The Art of Speculation during Civil War

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By Arthur Fixed

What will be the market price of the first bank’s shares nine months out? If we are correct in our analysis that the game is fixed, we can surmise it will be less than today’s price and the cost of maintaining the short position.

Extraordinary speculative profits are possible with minor risk if you verify the truth, properly use logic and keep it private. The establishment will continue to make war and milk the public. If you understand how they are doing this, you can protect yourself and profit far beyond the norm. If you are short selling shares that the establishment is short, your risk level is low and potential for profit high. This is not investment activity or undertaking a market risk. It is speculative profit in time of civil war.
Excerpts from the Art of Speculation during Civil War – Sun Tzu Meets Jesse Livermore is a private manuscript copyrighted 2012 by Art Fixed.

Photo credit: spacepleb via Visual Hunt / CC BY

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