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31 May

Hong Kong Asset ProtectionThis Super Trust, domiciled in Hong Kong, is one of the most tax efficient pension structures available to the private investor. This registered retirement plan is in addition to being a QROPS, also an IRC 402(b). The ORSO/402(b) upgrade “structure” took our legal team years to achieve. The U.S. Counsel for this structure has been two of the worlds largest law firms (attorney references available upon request), which is why we know we’ve got it right!

With this Hong Kong based Super Trust the investor has total freedom of investment, category, location and currency choice, all from offshore.

The Super Trust is an “onshore” Hong Kong registered “occupational Retirement Scheme” (ORSO) administered as a Trust under the Mandatory Provident Fund schemes Authority since 27th March 2006. With trusts becoming more expensive, this Super Trust gives a unique tax and pension planning opportunity at fair cost. Due to the HK ORSO tax regime and double taxation agreements, no matter what your residence or nationality the Super Trust can be one for the most cost effective and efficient ways of mitigating tax planning issues. The Super Trust will accept UK domiciled pension transfers and thus take full advantage of the HMRC Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme rules.

The Super Trust can hold cash, property, land, mutual funds, stocks, stock options, bullion, private shares, hedge funds and bonds. It can fully mitigate taxes depending on your domicile, on both a current basis and death basis. The Super Trust can accept most foreign based transferred Pensions with no limits. It protects you and your assets against claims from Creditors including government. There is no Income tax, Capital Gains tax, on the underlying funds. No compulsory purchase of an annuity and lump sum payments are available on retirement age.

No tax on the scheme or its member. Reporting requirements costs are significantly less in Hong Kong than elsewhere and that helps to enhance absolute returns on investments. Client confidentiality. Choice for investment assets. No maximum investment restrictions. Mitigation of UK Stamp Duty Land Tax, Capital Gain or Income tax on the transfer of property. No UK IHT, death or estate tax. No profits tax on property traded within the Super Trust.

The Alternatives of Global Retirement Planning with a Super Trust

  • The Alternative to Irrevocable Trusts. In fact, this Alternative has NO Attorney Fees
  • The Alternative to LLC, IBC and Foundations and Again No Attorney Fees
  • The Alternatives to Annuities – No Insurance Company fees!
  • The Alternatives to Litigation – Never in front of a Judge or Judgement
  • The Alternative to 184 page Tax Filings – You can do this filing in less than 10 minutes.
  • The Alternative to a Tax Consultant – No Need.
  • The Alternative to the S.E.C. . Why not!
  • The Alternative to Forced Heirship – You are the Controller!

Global Retirement Plans can be set-up in USD, EUR, and GBP accounts and provide tax-free savings for you and your staff until their retirement. The main advantages of investing From Offshore is the Geo-Diversification as your investment is not located between San Francisco and New York. Your Outside Located Assets are protected by Governance from Government. Your Offshore located Regulatory Fiduciary requires a Segregated Account, therefor you have no Third Party Banking Risk. Plus, each year you are provided a 3rd Party Audit.

Hong Kong Asset Protection Photo credit: mariusz kluzniak on Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

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