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28 Jul

What are UCITS Funds?

A growing number of investors are including hedge funds and other alternative strategies within their portfolios as a way of providing better portfolio diversification during adverse market conditions, as well as potentially boosting risk-adjusted returns over the long term.

However, the recent financial crisis and a number of high profile fraud cases have highlighted challenges associated with the traditional hedge fund structure, particularly the lack of liquidity, transparency and effective regulation. For retail investors, higher barriers to entry due to minimum investment size can also make gaining exposure to hedge funds difficult.

As a result, investors are increasingly turning to regulated open-ended funds, such as those covered by the European Union’s UCITS regulations, as a way to gain easier, more liquid, and more transparent exposure to alternative investment strategies.

UCIT Funds are not marketed to US Investors who Invest Offshore, nor are SIF: Specialized Investment Funds (3 Trillion invested worldwide), or AIFMD funds (16 Trillion is currently invested in AIFMD funds globally). None of these 3 investment classes are available to USA person’s, when Investing Offshore BUT they are ALL available when Investing FROM an Offshore Investment Account.

Most American’s are totally confused as to why there are problems for them when they want an Investment Account that is Outside the U.S.A..

How we help Americans set-up Offshore Investment Accounts

Luxembourg is home of the UCITS Funds

Coat of Arms of Luxembourg

We organize a Luxembourg Investment Account for you by means of the Administrator/Trustee of a Regulated, Registered, Recognized Retirement Plan. This is required so your investments are NOT a Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFIC) and there are no FATCA Foreign Financial Institution Withholding Issues.

We have simplified your IRS reporting to IRS Form 8938 and FBAR only.

This is a Hong Kong Excluded Employee Trust plan (it is called excluded because you are not resident in Hong Kong) that is supervised also by the International Organization of Pension Supervisors.

There are 60 member Countries. We have selected Hong Kong because the plan gives you control, allows for the greatest investment choice and because of the Financial Security and Safety of Hong Kong Regulators.

The Internationally recognized Foreign Retirement Plan is Regulated, Registered and Recognized. You receive annually a 3rd Party Accounting Audit of your Account from a Hong Kong Government regulated accounting firm.

The Retirement Plan Administrator Trustee opens up a nominee investment account for you in Luxembourg. We selected Luxembourg because of it has a “Triangle of Security” 100% Asset Protected segregated account safe and secure Regulator System. What I mean by nominee account is that the account is yours in number only rather than in your name. You have access via the internet.

From your Luxembourg Investment account you can purchase any marketable security in the World, including UCITS Funds, SIP and AIFMD Funds. Most of our Clients purchase registered Mutual Funds, ETF’s, Stock, Bonds which means any security with an International Security Identification Number (ISIN) can be achieved via the internet while purchasing other marketable investments require paperwork.

All Transactions in your account are directed by you and are supervised by the Plan Administrator, the Custodian Bank in Luxembourg, and the Investment Account Administrator. Which means you are secure in knowing that you 4 must agree that this is for your own directed purpose.

Just let us know if you’d like us to introduce you to the Plan Administrator, Attorney, Custodian Bank in Luxembourg. Contact us today.

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