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18 Jan

Gold bullion barsThere are many sites on the internet to buy gold and silver. These sites are responding to the the great demand for these type of services. With the economy going the way it is, the need for these type of websites has never been greater. With so many sites to chose from, it is often easy to get confused as you wade through the large amount scrap metal, to find the “gold”. With, there is no reason to look further if you are ready to trade in precious metals.

Bullion Vault is a well organized, professional, website with many user friendly and unique features. The site has easy to use menus, interfaces, is well ordered, and has a clean design. You can find useful information about the company on the site. You will find that Bullion Vault is a reliable, very solid firm which has developed many innovative steps that are effective and and are easy to use.

The premise to invest offshore with Bullion Vault is simple, to be a source of liquidity for precious metals. This is a service that has been lacking for investors for a very long time. This makes the company stand out from all of the rest of similar sites.

An average investor that owns gold and silver often finds liquidating the precious metals can be a huge problem. Being able to quickly turn your assets into cash when you see a rise in the market is a extremely valuable service. Bullion Vault allows you to do just this, quickly and easily.

Bullion Vault does this by selling and buying precious metals with in its vaults, transferring the ownership without actually transferring the gold and silver. In this way, Bullion Vault serves as a storage unit, a broker, and a salesman for all your gold and silver transactions. You can buy precious metals from the site and store it in their vaults. Once you find a buyer, Bullion Vault will handle the transaction and will make a direct deposit to your bank account with the proceeds.

Bullion Vault offers many additional services and features. The depth of services makes the vault one of the most convenient and well rounded of any of these type of website services. A few of the best features include:

– Transactions are denominated in Euros, U.S. Dollars, or British Pounds to give you a great international market.

– It is a 24hr, seven day a week marketplace. The trading goes on everyday, allowing you take advantage of any chance in the market.

– There is only a 0.12% storage fee for gold and silver annually. If you store $1,000 worth of metals, you pay only $1.20 for the storage. This is one of the lowest rates to be found anywhere.

The market place allows you to buy and sell directly from other vault clients. Using the site as your transaction service, you can set your own terms of the sale of your gold and silver.

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