Is Civil War erupting within the Power Elite?

14 Mar

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Q: Does the WikiLeaks release of the CIA Vault 7 materials indicate all out civil war is now erupting within the power elite?
A: Yes, it is time to study how to make profits during times of civil war.

Q: This document dump is reported to be just one percent of the full package. Who could have provided WikiLeaks with this much highly classified materials?
A: Good question. In general sense, General Petraeus understands. He was one of the casualty in this power struggle.

Q: Which side was he on?
A: Military intelligence. In opposition is civil intelligence.

Q: Please explain.
A: The CIA came out of the OSS, army intelligence. One hundred percent of the human intelligence for the USSR and Eastern Europe was German. They also provided the on the ground operatives to install the Shaw of Iran and getting rid of Nasser in Egypt.

Q: Who was controlling the German operatives?
A: It was not the OSS or the CIA.

Q: Was it the Dulles Brothers?
A: It was Rynhart Galen. The same general who handled all foreign intelligence for Hitler during WWII. All of his staff was SS or military police. Children and grandchildren of original staff were given priority in hiring.

Q: Sounds like the brothers could rely on the Gelan group.
A: Yes and no. The contract given to the Galan organization, even during the OSS period, provided that in the case where the German interests and the USA national interest diverged that the Galen organization would advance the interests of Germany.

Q: Sounds like the Germans were running an independent intelligence operation paid for by the USA taxpayer.
A: Yes. Best case: they were paid mercenaries. Worst case: the USA was working for them.

Q: Which one do you think it was?
A: My opinion is irrelevant.. Some people are of the view that the Nazis did not lose the war but simply moved to the USA, Latin America and elsewhere to build a fourth Reich.
There have been many pretend-ants to world power, there are many today and there will be many in the future. There is no reason to exclude the Germans from an inquiry.
What is not controversial is that the Germans seeded the USA military industrial complex and were the only western group that could have enabled the pasty, Oswald, to defect to the USSR, marry the daughter of a KGB officer and safely return to the USA.

Q: The Germans seem to have very little power now. The Vault 7 materials indicate that the CIA spies on everyone in Germany.
A: SOP, they are doing for the German government. It is a very common reciprocal arrangement.
It is safer for the German government have the USA collect the information for them then to spy directly on all of their people.

Q: Then you are of the view that the Wikileak of the CIA Vault 7 material comes from military intelligence to harm civil intellegence/Wall Street?
A: Yes. Trump represents the military. Obama and Hillary front for the civil intelligence CIA Wall Street faction. Roughly speaking.
Could also say German technology against the Anglo American bankers or some of them.

Q: Who do you think will win?
A: I think the pro German faction will win out at the end. They will come out on top but it will not be fast or bloodless.

Q: What will be the influence of the civil war on the price of gold??
A: When the public has more fear then trust in government, the prices will have bottomed. The more intense the conflict, the higher the price of gold.

The Art of Speculation during Civil War

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By Arthur Fixed

What will be the market price of the first bank’s shares nine months out? If we are correct in our analysis that the game is fixed, we can surmise it will be less than today’s price and the cost of maintaining the short position.

Extraordinary speculative profits are possible with minor risk if you verify the truth, properly use logic and keep it private. The establishment will continue to make war and milk the public. If you understand how they are doing this, you can protect yourself and profit far beyond the norm. If you are short selling shares that the establishment is short, your risk level is low and potential for profit high. This is not investment activity or undertaking a market risk. It is speculative profit in time of civil war.
Excerpts from the Art of Speculation during Civil War – Sun Tzu Meets Jesse Livermore is a private manuscript copyrighted 2012 by Art Fixed.


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