Land, Apartments, Office space, Hotels, Commercial and Casinos

05 Jul

To the investor looking for more than a one percent (1%) yearly return on money deposited with a bank or a negative interest rate as now proposed by the ECB, we know a firm offering the following.
Medium- and long-term real estate investment opportunities with historical and projected income substantially above the rates offered by banks historically, today and as projected. Now that the 2008 crisis has eliminated the excesses from real estate markets in many jurisdictions and rents have gone up, it is once again possible to make a handsome yearly rate of return from rental income and be protected against inflation in the long term.

We broker and, as a principal, offer investment opportunities in the following areas.

Land, Apartments, Office space, Hotels, Commercial and Casinos

There are many ways to invest in real estate. For instance, we have arranged the sale of an apartment occupied by a good-risk tenant under terms and conditions that, after all actual and projected expenses, allow the investor to receive a six percent (6%) per year return on the total cost of purchasing the apartment. It is also reasonable to expect that future rental income will roughly increase with the rate of inflation. It is possible to have short- or long-term rental agreements and so protect your future income. It is possible to be a passive investor simply collecting a yearly return on your investment or an active participant in real estate development.

Currently we have projects available for investment in a countryside resort complex and apartment and hotel projects in a large and a small city that can be purchased at a price offering a net income of five percent (5%) per year for the first twenty (20) years and a projected increase thereafter for the next seventy (70) years of the apartment’s expected useful economic life. This can be done on a fully passive investor basis: collect five percent (5%) yearly without any work or hassle and receive substantial current income protected against inflation. Get in on the ground floor. No license needed. Inquire within.

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