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Copacabana beach apartment, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Copacabana beach apartment, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Paraty Beach House in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Paraty Beach House in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil beachfront home near Rio de Janeiro

Brazil beachfront home near Rio de Janeiro

Brazil beachfront Posada in Fortaleza

B&B ~ Taiba, Fortaleza Brazil

Where to Find the Best Brazilian Hotels and How much to Invest

Brazil is enormous. The amazon region alone is bigger than Western Europe. This article is intended to give you a brief breakdown of the best locations to invest in Brazilian Hotels whether large-scale resorts or smaller boutique lodgings.

Map of Brazil

We focus in on the most popular coastal areas for tourism and business related activities. I have selected the below locations based on several important factors, namely population size, quality of infrastructure, airport connections and existing touristic demand plus attractiveness for hotel expansion.

Key Cities for Brazilian Business Hotels and Hotel Resorts

Cities on price scale with Sao Paulo being the most expensive

Sao Paulo; Population of 21 million, Economic powerhouse of Brazil with bulk of business related hotels

Rio de Janeiro; Population of 12 million, THE dream tourist location of Brazil and host city of the up and coming Olympics

Salvador; Population of 2.9 million. Largest city proper in North East Brazil and the 3rd largest in Brazil after Sao Paulo and Rio,with rich culture and fabulous beaches

Fortaleza; Popluation of 2.55 million. Brazil’s 5th biggest city, Internationally connected, modern, clean city with all year round warm sunny climate

Recife; Population 3.74 million, biggest metropolitan area in North-East Brazil, important commercial hub on the North East coast with much improved hotel stock

Natal; Population 1.5 million. Largest percentage of hotel rooms in Brazil per capita. Sunniest weather in Brazil, great beaches, new privately run international airport

A standard 4 star business hotel/ beachfront resort with 150 rooms will cost you in the region of R$20,000,000 to R$200,000,000 depending on the location,quality,operational performance and selling motivation.

Key Beach Towns for Hotels, Resorts and Smaller Boutique Lodgings

(best infrastructure and airport access)

Towns on price scale with Buzios/RJ being the most expensive

  • Buzios RJ; Easy 2 hour drive north of Rio. Famous resort, great tourist infrastructure
  • Praia do Forte BA; 55kms north of Salvador. Wealthy, high-end resort with some of the top hotel chains
  • Porto Seguro BA; 700kms South of Salvador with its own airport comprising of 3 famous resorts, Trancoso, Arraial DAjuda and Porto Seguro. Large-scale tourism with national reach
  • Ponta Negra RN; Urban resort connected to Natal city, beachfront belt with chain hotels and large resorts

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