Market Timing and Conspiracy Theory

22 Feb
The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry's House of the Temple at 1733 16th Street, NW in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry’s House of the Temple at 1733 16th Street, NW in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

Love is all that counts, everything else is rhetoric or mind games.

There’s a distinct connection between meaning and value, in that those things that contain the deepest meaning for each of us, are the very things that hold the most value. The best example of this is a wedding ring, for it may have a carat stone set in white gold but to one soul it far exceeds the current market price of the parts. Understand this too, that same person would, without hesitation, exchange and trade all items/objects for his life and/or freedom. This is a known, known.

It’s impossible to put a scale on one’s own value structure but the underlying fact of life is that when you’re down to your last chip you’ll wager it on the known, unknown, every time – love. In other words, the comfort and safety of your crib with your family. Wherever, whoever and whatever that might be but guaranteed that every man, woman and child has a vision of where’d they like to be.

The cultural aspiration of modern times is for us to encapsulate ourselves in a cocoon complete with all the bells and whistles like man-cave, and land yacht in the garage. At any given time it looks like so many people are succeeding in society because that’s the way it’s meant to look. We’re the playing field of the game, just scenery and special effects inside the big game. We don’t even know what the real game is, as we’re too busy planning our lives, from inside our own little cocooned paradigms. Now as we awaken to the reality of an inverted totalitarian pyramid structure, we can see the bigger game being played.

Why is this important? and what should you take-away from this rhetoric? Sure love has value and love of self above all, wherein we find the one true known, or the known, known. However, unless you consider that the entire journey, that we call life, or the known, known; is a game? Then there’s nothing more to gain from reading any further, go back to your mundane mainstream narrative world-view, that’s been fed to you by one of 3 sources of information. Probably, there’s nothing more here for you.

The Double Headed Eagle emblem of the Scottish Rite, from the cover of Morals and Dogma. - Conspiracy theory

The Double Headed Eagle emblem of the Scottish Rite, from the cover of Morals and Dogma.

Or read further and explore the question that begs to be asked, (of this dialogue, so far), is why is the crib the known, unknown? Since the answer to that query, leads to the most important and pivotal question, the answer to which relates directly to your own future happiness – bingo – the word future, there’s the word related to timing, to prompt the big question. Okay then, if it’s a game (for the sake of this conversation), when does it end? Or at least, when is half time? and what are the rules? Bingo #2. Information now represents enormous value and the keyword “conspiracy theory” tweaked your index finger, like the glint of a gold nugget in a stream, landing you here to read this blather. Because, maybe, just maybe, you’ll find a grain of useful truth (information), plus this is just one of thousands, of five minutes segments of your life, consuming and downloading thousands of terra bytes of information every day, still you’re wondering “what am I reading this for?”

As the title, which got you here, promises; the one thing you need to know about conspiracy theory, that exposes your market timing nugget – we know who wrote the rules of a mind-game to the 33rd degree, that’s been played out in every corner of earth, intensively for a century, and scheduled for as long as it takes to complete but all you really need to know, is that the author of the game, has a name as plain as Albert Pike.

As for the market timing? When global destabilization is a primary objective, with order from chaos as strategy, then volatility creates the opportunity for those with inside information to amass fortunes, with which to control the tempo of the game, almost indefinitely, until the purpose of the game: Global domination and a new world order is fulfilled and all the squares on the board are controlled by a select few, in a tightly knit network of organizations and corporations, managed by socio-paths. Or as I like to call them – freaks.

The ideas of Albert Pike, are so much in your face, that it makes the Georgia Guide-stones or Denver Airport like comparing a Penny Arcade to Cirq de Soliel. Come on? a sacred tomb on specific co-ordinates, inside a segregated state called a “District”, where all rhodes lead directly to detailed and precise awe-inspiring buildings, which are totally enshrined in hidden code, protected by a secret brotherhood, how cool is that? Who would not want to be a player in the coolest game on earth?thought-police - conspiracy theory

Albert knew sheeple like nobody before or since, and bet that his new and improved conspiracy, derived from a long-standing classic that he re-wrote, would empower enough like-minded minions to serve the bidding of the Illuminated few, as in those in the brotherhood at the top level, almost like him, who would play the Noble Game when selected.

Just remember, that we (you and me) are not in this game, aside from being a burden and obstacle. However, the information to become illuminated and have some ideas of what to expect, in terms of geo-polictal and socio-economic stability let alone the rigged markets, are there for all to read.

It’s best to adhere to the the oldest advice, about living during times of uncertainty – the known unknown: Hope for the best but prepare for the worst because what if all the foreign leaders badly cut and pasted onto the cover of the freaky Economist Magazine – World in 2015 are all in the secret game (to the 33rd degree), was not a co-incidence? Then as a demonstration of power we get Katie Perry telling us (in ancient Sumerian symbology) at the 2015 Super Bowl Half-time, that the real game is on, right in front of our face! Or maybe it signals that the fat lady just sang, and the game is over. Whatever is the case? It’s undeniable, there’s a freak show happening.

We live in a very dysfunctional world, therefore we must learn to continue to learn, so that we may banish ignorance. I admit that I’ve not helped anyone, by sharing my warped view of the freakshow but the good new is this, we’re in the year of illumination, according to the song, so prepare to be illuminated.

The article above was part 2 of Confessions of an Expat Canuck

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