Meet The 29-Year-Old Who Earned $50K a Month Teaching Entrepreneurs To Tell Better Stories

08 Nov

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 8, 2019 / Storytelling is an entrepreneurs marketing tool as old as time, yet it’s too often overlooked by brands.

Celinne Da Costa is an entrepreneur Teaching Entrepreneurs

We live in a society that’s so oversaturated with digital communication, automation, fast-paced technology, and the distractions of social media, that many people seem to have forgotten what it means to be human.

When Celinne Da Costa first stumbled on this insight, she was freshly out of college, stuck in the corporate rat race, working 60+ hour weeks as a brand strategist for a $35,000 a year salary in New York City.

After 3 years of feeling stuck behind a computer screen, a slave to complacency and routine, and without purpose in her life or career, Da Costa decided to explore a different way of living and take her skillset elsewhere.

She spent a year circumnavigating around the globe by staying in the homes of strangers, an attempt to reconnect to humanity and discover what it truly meant to connect with others. Her experience took her across 100+ homes and 20+ countries, where she spent time getting to know her hosts, asking meaningful questions, and digging into their psychology, perspectives, and cultural differences.

All the while, Da Costa used her brand strategist, writer, and communication background to document her experiences, grow her social media channels, and get her story noticed by some of the largest publications in the world (including Forbes). She specifically focused on sharing a 1-minute story with her audience every day that would provide them with value, human insights, and solutions to their problems.

After returning from her round-the-globe journey, Da Costa leveraged her brand to launch and scale a six-figure brand consulting and mindset coaching business in less than a year. By the next year, that figure doubled.

Celinne Da Costa is an entrepreneur Teaching Entrepreneurs

At the crux of Da Costa’s business is a simple but powerful insight: the reality we create starts with the stories we choose to tell ourselves (and others).

Da Costa now works with visionary entrepreneurs — including high profile, multi-seven figure empires — to help them master their story, get clear on their vision and values, and transform their purpose into premium brands that deeply connect with their ideal audience and scale their business to the next level of impact and income.

By applying the signature brand story framework she teaches her clients on herself, Da Costa has scaled her own business to multi-six figures in less than two years. She earns her income through a mix of private coaching, group programs, courses, affiliate marketing, and brand collaborations.

When it comes to leveraging storytelling to scale your business, Da Costa suggests: “The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is sharing random stories with their audience and expecting them to stick. This is no more effective than throwing spaghetti at a wall.

Storytelling, especially when applied in marketing and business, isn’t just about telling pretty tales and making your audience feel good. It’s about connecting with yourself and the bigger purpose of what you’re building, and sharing that with the right people, at the right time, and in a format that resonates with their needs, offers them a solution, and speaks to their soul. There is a lot of strategy and emotional intelligence involved when it comes to creating and growing a powerful brand story.

First, figure out your “why,” which is the deeper reason why you’re getting out of bed in the morning to work on your business. Then, get clear on your “what” — that is, what is the vision that is directing your why and your efforts. Who are you serving, and what’s the transformation? Lastly, you want to understand your core values, which are going to drive your decisions whether you like it or not. Once you’re aware of your values and how they influence everything you do, you’ll be able to leverage them to attract your ideal audience, create meaningful content, and scale a business that’s aligned with your purpose.”

Da Costa currently runs a group program called Master Your Story that is dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs the entire process of extracting their story and turning it into a profitable and visible brand. Da Costa also has a dynamic Instagram account where she frequently posts stories of her adventures around the world, and an active Facebook group community where she shares free tips and strategies for creating a brand story that sells.

“The great thing about storytelling is that we are all wired for it — we just have to turn it on. Humans are meant to connect through stories. It’s been this way since the beginning of time and will continue to be this way so long as we’re human. From a marketing perspective, this allows us to create loyalty, trust, and connection with our audience in a way that data just can’t. But perhaps more importantly, when we tap into the power of our story, we can empower people and help them understand that they’re not alone.”

Celinne Da Costa

To build a premium brand that lasts for years to come and captures people’s hearts (and wallets), entrepreneurs must pay attention to their messaging… and that begins with the story they choose to tell to themselves and to the world. Da Costa’s mission is to show them the way.

To connect with Da Costa, follow her on her Instagram and Facebook channels or email or call (615) 498-0852.


Celinne Da Costa
(615) 498-0852

SOURCE: Celinne Da Costa

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