What you need to know about blockchain and cryptocurrency in the US and China

08 Mar

blockchain and cryptocurrency in the US and ChinaBOSTONMarch 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — In 2018, China’s official media organ People’s Daily published a full-page report entitled “Leveraging Blockchain to Become a Leader in the Digital Economy”, again emphasizing that blockchain ushers in a new era as the catalyst of a next-generation technology revolution. In the capital market, prices of blockchain concept stocks have fluctuated wildly. The response of the capital market and the high level of attention the technology has received is further proof of its importance. Yet, many questions remain: What can blockchain be used for? Will blockchain become the next big opportunity? With blockchain riding a wave of popularity, will it become the next “Internet Plus” (the Chinese government program to encourage manufacturers to incorporate the internet into their industry chain)? These issues are attracting the attention of and spurring discussions among more and more people.

In this context, the highly-regarded 2018 US-China BlockInvest Summit (http://blockinvestcon.com/), organized by ICONIZ and Liaoyuan, will be held at The Charles Hotel near Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts on March 17. More than 500 attendees will have a chance to meet face-to-face with industry leaders and discuss the innovations taking place in the world of blockchain as well as blockchain market dynamics and development trends in China and the US, in anticipation of the arrival of the blockchain era.

ICONIZ CEO Chen Zhao said that the summit has invited more than 30 China- and US-based blockchain and investment industry leaders, including Elastos cofounder Feng Han, Wikipedia cofounder Larry Sanger, Netki CEO Justin Newton, Bitangel cofounder Chandler Guo, LBRY CEO Jeremy Kauffman and Talla CEO Rob May. More notably, high-quality blockchain startups including SonikPass/SIM, ObEN/PAI, Neji, OneGame and EtherZero will also interact and network with attendees.

The summit will last one full day with an extensive agenda including:

  • Decoding the Enigma of Blockchain, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: The Ultimate Disruption
  • Worldwide Crypto Mania: An insider’s outlook
  • Behind the Scenes of China’s Investment Rush
  • Investing in Token Sale: A Native U.S. Story
  • Cryptocurrencies vs Blockchain: Future or Bubble?
  • Developments and Adoptions of Blockchain
  • How Blockchain Technologies Will Energize Industrial Revolutions?
  • Underlying Infrastructure of Blockchain Technology
  • What It Takes to Conduct a Successful and Compliant Token Sale?
  • Merging Technology and Entertainment Industry with Blockchain
Through these in-depth discussions, the summit hopes to establish a good forum for communications and a learning channel for blockchain communities in China and the US.
The summit has received strong support from companies and institutions including E3 Capital, Node Capital, Hofan Capital, SPARKLAND, Float Capital, H1percent and BSEF. The event has also garnered attention from many Chinese and US technology and blockchain media organizations wishing to keep up to date on and report on the latest news. The 2018 US-China BlockInvest Summit has become one of the most regarded blockchain events in the eastern half of the US.

ICONIZ (https://www.iconiz.io/) is the one of the world’s leading blockchain accelerator for startups. They are the strong believers of building a decentralized, immutable and transparent world with blockchain that is more inclusive, innovative, and accessible. They have made it their mission to invest in great entrepreneurs that share the same dream and vision, and help them establish strong connections with the community.


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