NEW BOOK exposes a potential defect in every person’s retirement portfolio

27 Jun

Read about how this defect can lay waste to your family and all the years of hard work you and your advisors spent building your nest egg.

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, June 27, 2022 / — Getting old “ain’t cheap.” Ask anyone who has had to take care of an aging parent.

Author Kerry Morris, CFP®, CFEd®, is releasing a new book When Retirement Goes Bad, Life Sucks—the Hidden Defect in your Portfolio that Everyone Wants to Ignore, on July 12 during his inaugural virtual webinar on the same subject.

The book takes a hard look at how the high cost of aging impacts a portfolio. Care costs can act worse than market losses, and when they are compounded with taxes and inflation, even the most diversified portfolios can experience accelerated destruction. Unfortunately, most advisors have a blind spot when it comes to seeing this defect.

“The risk of ignoring this is not worth taking the chance. It’s far worse than market risk, inflation risk, and taxes. A person’s retirement dream can quickly morph into retirement nightmares if they don’t face this head on.”

Kerry Morris

Morris’s book is the next step to challenge the current thinking and behavior of consumers and financial advisors around preparing for the potential high cost of aging.

His new company, HonorShield, was birthed out of what he learned at the Estate and Elder Planning Center where he helped hundreds of families navigate paying for the high cost of care, and his book highlights the stories that people want to ignore—like the couple who made $300,000 a year but didn’t have enough money to last through their later years.

Morris also exposes another problem: the financial industry putting this issue on total “ignore” mode, often shoving it onto a small-but valiant band of traditional “insurance specialists” around the country. Less than 10% of Americans have ever embraced this model. That is a problem for American families and our country.

The book doesn’t leave the reader hanging. Morris knew there had to be a better way, a win-win solution that more Americans could feel good about embracing. The answer would lead him to discover a new way to approach and solve this problem, one that he introduces in the book: the LCAP—the Longevity Care Allocation Plan. With this, he can honor the efforts of those who work hard and save their money. Every person, every family deserves to know how an LCAP works. The book helps the reader understand how to hold their head high and know that no matter what potential curve balls retirement throws at them, they are as prepared as they can be.

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