Offshore asset protection structures that work

12 Jan

Interior astronomical clock in the ambulatory of Chartres Cathedral (Eure-et-Loir, France). - Offshore asset protection structuresOpinion has nothing to do with what we are about or why our offshore asset protection structure works. What we are about is defined specifically and exactly on the W8 form, we are using the IRS own language rather than some opinion. We are W-8BEN-E box 29e recognized! That is who we are. The IRS is telling you what they think of us!

Here’s what every American with assets offshore needs to understand, in the words of Martin Armstrong from the blog post The Coming European Revolution

History is, in fact, modelled by a deterministic, non-linear, dynamic system that displays chaotic behaviour (Panic Cycles). Mapping the small changes within such a system that ripple through the entire mass is fascinating, for such changes are never seen by the actor as impacting a far more dynamic system. FATCA, for example, is directly reversing the global economic expansion by forcing Americans back into a domestic economic environment that is worsening the deflation external to the USA as the dollar is forced higher. The outflow of capital from the USA reconstructed the world economy, whereas now that single tax-hungry law set in motion the reverse consequence of destroying the world economy. Therefore, in a mathematical sense, the slightest deviation to the global economic system will eventually create a wildly divergent outcome. This act is inspired by the fact that government is incapable of managing itself, no less the economy that they do not even comprehend.

Have a look at the Swiss Bank Program link it is jaw dropping stuff that they have done and the point is that the Justice department plays really rough and you can recognize what they regard as a sham. We’re talking about thousands of offshore asset protection structures that DO NOT work any longer.

You can follow the agreements as announced on, just change date to Dec:

Secondly, they are not going to let go as they have already hammered individuals, administrators. They also call Blind Trusts a Sham. All I am doing is reciting the language used by the IRS and Justice Department.

It is not smart to use a Double Blind Trust, that link is your authority; it is not coming from me. You can read the source documents themselves on this link.

The IRS did not ask those intermediaries to submit a W-8BEN-E with the their tax advisor’s own opinion on it. What that means is making an assumption that your lawyer has given advice to hide
something is not smart

For Prosperity in 2016!

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