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02 Aug

BCN International Bank (Cayman) Ltd leads the Offshore Banking industry with strategic move to iPhone

mobile phone offshore bankingSetting new standards in enterprise mobility, BCN International Bank today confirmed that it has adopted the iPhone as its Smartphone of choice, one of the first and biggest corporate entities in the offshore banking industry to do so on such a large scale.

The Bank expects to complete the device rollout by August 2011. It currently provides mobile devices to over 3400 employees and this number is expected to grow to around 7,000 by the end of the year. Dispersed across borders and typically on the move, these employees will reap significant benefits from the blended work-life capabilities of the iPhone.

“We’re all about moving forward,” said Ben Benglo, Group Head of Technology and Operations for BCN International Bank “and we believe that giving people complete mobile access to the systems they need to do their job will dramatically increase productivity and employee satisfaction. Time is a commodity in our business. To remain responsive to our customers, we have to be able to connect to the office wherever we are, at any given time.”

The Bank will address the dearth in robust enterprise apps available today with a strategy for developing its own internal apps. In the near future, BCN International Bank staff can look forward to apps that allow them to collaborate online and organise their work on-the-go. The Bank is also testing customer relationship management (CRM) apps that enable staff to better serve customers in real-time. The Bank has already put in place additional authentication measures for its iPhones, so that each device complies with stringent security policies.

Investing for growth

BCN International Bank plans to continually expand its apps portfolio will accelerate the pace of innovation at the Bank for offshore banking.

At the 14th Annual Grand Cayman Peak Awards last month, BCN International Bank won the People’s Voice Award for Integrated Mobile Experience, the first offshore bank to win in this category. The winning entry was Huddle, an application that uses real-time messaging to make conferences more interactive and engaging.

The Bank also recently launched an iPhone app that takes a fresh and unique approach to mobile banking. Designed entirely from the mobile customer’s perspective, the app marries an uncluttered, user-friendly interface with a robust set of features – a strategy that seems to have worked, with the app registering over 7,000 downloads within a few weeks.

With these investments, BCN International Bank is well positioned to create even more exciting opportunities for its community. “Ultimately, it’s about creating a more rewarding and satisfying experience for our staff and customers,” said Greg an IT Consultant with. BCN International Bank

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