Offshore Corporations

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Offshore Corporations and Business Company Formation

Within the provisions of International Business Company (IBC) Law

People have the right to incorporate a company offshore to:

  • Reduce their taxation burden
  • Protect personal and business assets
  • Manage their overall risk
  • Maintain transaction privacy
  • Avoid restrictive bureaucracy
  • Reduce overhead costs and
  • Enhance asset performance

How Could An Offshore Company Benefit You?

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Are you looking offshore?

The benefits to companies who incorporate offshore are numerous. Specific benefits will always depend entirely on personal requirements and circumstances but may include free remittance of profits and capital, access to favourable tax treaties, foreign insurance and reinsurance, security of property rights and assets, banking and personal privacy.

Depending on where you choose to incorporate you may also benefit from lower overhead costs, fewer reporting and operational restrictions, solid legal systems, the availability of sophisticated banking facilities, reduced taxation and increased political stability.

We Find & Implement The Right Offshore Company Solutions For You

We can assist you to find the exact jurisdiction and company type to match your requirements, whether you’re a small business or a multi-national corporate. We have unique levels of access to the services of one of the world’s proven and leading offshore company formation specialists.

We are able to offer you the added benefits of having full access to offshore investment, banking and company incorporation experts who will assist you to find the right offshore jurisdiction, company type and structure so that you may benefit from customs and duty exemptions, exchange convertibility, government cooperation, foreign investment inducements, higher potential yields and returns.

Whether you require an offshore company for trading, investment, holding, financing, professional services, ship management and yacht ownership or personal and corporate tax planning we will help you identify, find and implement the correct offshore company structure.

Getting Started

Initially we can provide you with a professional no obligation consultation because we understand how important it is to get the right structure in place and how complex the process can initially seem.

We remain entirely independent when it comes to solution provision, meaning we will work to service your requirements accurately and completely.
Once we have assisted you in the identification of the best offshore jurisdiction and company type and structure we will help you establish your offshore company.

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