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20 Jun

House of Blackheads, Riga, Latvia - Investment AdvisoryArthur Fixed has a history of making extraordinary profits in financial markets. His three most successful speculations were:

  1. Shorting the USA stock market during the 1987 crash
  2. Being long on real estate from 1994 to 2007
  3. Shorting the Internet bubble in 2001

A new opportunity may now dramatically outdo these successes. Like all opportunities, it is based on the understanding that economic law is as binding as the law of gravity. When markets are distorted, economic law remains unchanged; only the results differ. These different results create opportunities to profit. There are several ways to play this fourth opportunity just as there were in the first three. These include options on highly leveraged positions with a possible 1,000% profit in less than a year and a conservative protection of principal approach.

Gold market segmentation gives us precise ways to check for specialist short covering. The difference in market segments and timing between lower, middle, and upper class financial activity is inherent in human action. It conforms to knowable economic law that doesn’t change with time and can therefore be a reliable predictor of lucrative price gaps.

Fixed System follows economic law.

A conversation with Arthur Fixed can be arranged by appointment.

The following material is only one example of how to participate in the upcoming business and investment opportunity. There are many other ways to participate.

Investment Advisory Services

Entrepreneur Trust Company (Uzņēmēju trasta kompānija) offers investment advisory services for prudent speculators. They hold assets under management valued at approximately 10 million EUR with registered capital of 5 million EUR including Hotel Club 1934, Residence Kurzeme resort and Club Baltica. Thier management has more than 35 years’ experience in banking and successful short selling; they were short the 1987 USA stock market crash and the internet and real estate bubbles and organized bear raids in-between. This advisory services offer an extraordinary opportunity to collect the highest market profits available today.

Speculations carried out in 2012 showed returns ranging from 45 to 330%. After an unprofitable call in 2013 when the market turned, we have not been active, but we expect to re-enter the market within the next three months. We will advise when this happens. Calls will be bullishly long and we expect profits in excess of 100%. Previous results were achieved using highly speculative stock options. A non-speculative, balanced investment approach would, we expect, lead to returns in the range of 25% per year. It is up to the client to determine how to use our advice. Past returns are no guarantee of future results.

The Fixed System

All securities and cash stay with client’s broker or bank. We provide buy and sell orders to client. Client transmits the orders to his bank or broker for execution.

Q: What is the Fixed System?
A: The Fixed System is the application of economic law in a manner consistent with the scientific method to profit from price changes.
Q: What do you mean by scientific method?
A: Using observation to establish facts and then logic to reach useful conclusions that follow from the factually correct premises.
Q: What do you mean by economic law?
A: A useful description of human action related to economic activity. See Human Action by Ludwig von Mises and Man, Economy, and State by Murray Rothbard.
Q: Where do I begin if I want information about how to apply economic law?
A: Start with The Art of Speculation during Civil War — Sun Tzu Meets Jesse Livermore.
Q: These three books amount to over 2,000 pages and the material is sometimes difficult. Do I need to understand all of it before I can use the Fixed System?
A: No, but you’ll get better results if you do. If you want to base your speculation on facts and not falsehoods, on valid conclusions and not fallacious reasoning, then read and study these three books.
Q: Which of the three should I read first?
A: Start with the Q&A in Sun Tzu Meets Jesse Livermore (Appendix A). Then read the entire book, then Mises, and then Rothbard.
Q: I understand that all value is subjective and that in a market economy, the current price will be bid up to the expectation of future price less cost of carry. The same process occurs in reverse when market participants expect the future price to be lower. You use four criteria to measure this and to call the low in the gold market: 1. a break to the downside in the general securities market, 2. extremely negative sentiment indicators, 3. ending wave pattern, and 4. specialist short covering. Is all of this part of the Fixed System?
A: Yes. That all value is subjective is a fundamental law of economics. The system is fixed because economic law and facts are fixed. You can ignore the facts and law but you will suffer the results of ignorance never the less. Economic law is just a binding as the law of gravity.

We invite you to request a consultation at your convenience.

Arthur Fixed

The Art of Speculation during Civil War

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Arthur Fixed is the author of the Art of Speculation during Civil War – Sun Tzu Meets Jesse Livermore – copyright 2012.

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