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Offshore Investment Guide

We offer you an independent insight into the finest offshore investment products available, helping you to find the solutions that exactly fit your requirements.

We have access to the full range of financial products managed by the leading offshore insurance companies in the best regulated offshore centers available worldwide. This means you’re afforded the essential levels of investor protection to ensure your investments are protected against corporate failure or fund mismanagement, and it also means you have access to the entire offshore investment product marketplace to maximize your wealth potential and fulfill your financial planning objectives.

Whatever your requirements – from a simple financial review, the construction of a personalized offshore investment road map, right through to having the ability to design and build your own investments and investment portfolio with expert guidance – we’re best placed to assist you.

Some of the offshore investment products we offer

The applicability of specific investment products will depend entirely on your personal circumstances and requirements. The following are simply examples of some of the products you will have access to: –

Offshore insurance bonds or investment wrappers – these are hugely popular with expatriate investors as they enable the investor to own and manage a diverse portfolio of offshore funds within a single, cost effective financial product which has the advantage of providing significant tax benefits as well.

Offshore investment bonds or insurance linked bonds – popular with international investors looking to invest capital for at least 5 years. These are cost effective products and they offer attractive tax benefits as well. Furthermore they allow their owner the flexibility to maintain a personalized portfolio of offshore investment funds within a single structure.

Offshore investment funds – Investment funds can be a great way for an individual to have access to many markets, to diversify their risk and to potentially reap higher returns through the pooling and investing of many investors’ money.

Residential & commercial property investment funds – these allow for a general diversification within an investment portfolio, they offer real potential for satisfying returns at low risk, they offer the prospect of attractive, stable income and finally they offer the potential for significant long term capital growth.

Making An Investment

Do you have a specific offshore investment product in mind and would like to go ahead and invest, read the product literature or find out whether such an investment is actually suitable for your requirements? Would you like to work with an investment specialist to design your own investments or construct a personalized portfolio?

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